Goodman Furnace Buying Guide for 2024

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Goodman Furnace Buying Guide for 2023

You’re here because you need a furnace that’s both reliable and efficient. And you’re considering a Goodman furnace. Well, your timing couldn’t be better! Goodman furnaces are a powerhouse when it comes to heating, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. In this article, we’ll delve into the most current Goodman models, break down their unparalleled features, and even look at how you can get the best bang for your buck with their warranties.

Background on Goodman Air Conditioning & Heating

Goodman, part of the Daikin family, is headquartered in Houston, Texas, where they oversee a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Not just a cost-effective sibling to Amana Heating & Air Conditioning, Goodman emphasizes quality by triple-testing each unit before it leaves the factory.

Goodman Air Conditioning & Heating

Founded in 1975, Goodman has earned its reputation by offering high-quality gas furnace products without breaking the bank, and it offers some of the best warranties in the business—all while being proudly made in the U.S.

Pioneering Features That Give Goodman the Edge

The Genius of ComfortBridge™ Technology

In layman’s terms, ComfortBridge is like a Bluetooth connection between your thermostat and furnace. This smart tech ensures optimal performance by constantly transmitting data between your furnace and thermostat, adjusting heat output and fan speed for supreme energy efficiency. Trust us, this is far from mere marketing gimmickry; it’s a game-changer in furnace performance.

CoolCloud™ HVAC App: The Contractor’s New Best Friend

This isn’t just some app. The CoolCloud HVAC App allows technicians to connect to your furnace wirelessly, meaning faster diagnostics and repairs. It’s like the holy grail of convenience and cost-saving for homeowners. Labor isn’t covered under warranty, so reduced troubleshooting time equals more money in your pocket.

Built to Last: The Robust Cabinet Design

Constructed of heavy-gauge steel with a matte black enamel finish, Goodman cabinets are a cut above the rest. But they don’t just look good; they are also quiet and energy costs low. It’s the perfect blend of form and function.

Warranty: Goodman’s Gold Standard

Top-tier models come with lifetime heat exchangers and 10-year furnace replacement warranties, provided you register within 60 days of installation. You get peace of mind knowing you’re covered for the long haul.

Next-Level Efficiency and Compliance

Energy Star-approved models with AFUE ratings of up to 98% are good for your wallet and compliant with stringent California state laws. If you’re looking for eco-friendly options, Goodman’s got you covered.

The Goodman Furnace Lineup: From Premium to Entry-Level

High-End Offerings

Models like the GMVM97 and GCVM97 are at the pinnacle of furnace technology, boasting modulating gas valves and variable-speed ECM blower motors for ultimate comfort and efficiency. These units come with all the exclusive Goodman tech like ComfortBridge and CoolCloud.

Goodman GMVM97
TypeModulating Gas FurnaceModulating Gas Furnace
EfficiencyUp to 98% AFUEUp to 97% AFUE
BTU Input Range~40,000 to 120,000~40,000 to 120,000
Blower MotorVariable-speed ECMVariable-speed ECM
Heat ExchangerStainless-steel (Primary & Secondary)Stainless-steel (Primary & Secondary)
Ignition SystemSilicon Nitride IgniterSilicon Nitride Igniter
Modulating Func.Gradual heat deliverySteady heat delivery
CabinetHeavy-gauge steelHeavy-gauge steel
Noise ReductionYesYes
CompatibilityComfortBridge™ technologyComfortBridge™ technology

Mid-Range Mastery

Units like the GMVC96 and GCVC96 offer two-stage operation with advanced ECM blowers, guaranteeing consistent comfort without sky-high bills.

TypeTwo-Stage Variable-SpeedTwo-Stage Variable-Speed
EfficiencyUp to 96% AFUEUp to 96% AFUE
BTU Input Range~40,000 to 120,000~40,000 to 120,000
Blower MotorVariable-speed ECMVariable-speed ECM
Heat ExchangerStainless-steel (Primary & Secondary)Stainless-steel (Primary & Secondary)
Ignition SystemSilicon Nitride IgniterSilicon Nitride Igniter
Modulating Func.N/A (Two-Stage Operation)N/A (Two-Stage Operation)
CabinetHeavy-gauge steelHeavy-gauge steel
Noise ReductionYesYes
CompatibilityComfortBridge™ technologyComfortBridge™ technology

Entry-Level Excellence

While basic, Goodman’s entry-level options, like the GM9S96, are far from ordinary. They’re a solid choice for those with moderate heating needs, boasting high-efficiency ratings and reliable performance.

EfficiencyUp to 96% AFUE
BTU Input RangeVaries by model (e.g., ~40,000 to 120,000)
Blower MotorMulti-speed
Heat ExchangerStainless-steel
Ignition SystemSilicon Nitride Igniter
Modulating Func.N/A (Multi-speed operation)
CabinetHeavy-gauge steel
Noise ReductionYes
CompatibilityStandard Thermostat

How much is a Goodman Furnace?

The cost of a Goodman furnace varies depending on the model and its size.

Installation Costs: Depending on your location, the complexity of the installation, and the contractor you hire, installation costs can range from $2,000 to $5,000 or even more. This includes labor, any necessary permits, and additional materials.

Additional Features: Features such as a programmable thermostat, humidifier, or advanced filtration systems can add to the initial cost.

Discounts & Rebates: Look out for manufacturer promotions, government or utility rebates, and seasonal discounts, which can reduce the initial investment.

Goodman Furnace Warranty

Goodman stands out in the HVAC industry for their quality products and their confidence in its furnaces demonstrated through their robust warranty offerings.

10-Year Parts Limited Warranty

A 10-Year Parts Limited Warranty backs any Goodman furnace you choose. If any furnace component fails due to a manufacturing defect within the first decade of use, Goodman will provide a replacement part.

10-Year Unit Replacement Limited Warranty

Select Goodman furnace models come with an extra layer of assurance. If the heat exchanger – the heart of the furnace – fails within the first ten years, Goodman commits to replacing the entire unit, not just the heat exchanger. This is a testament to their belief in the durability and performance of their products.

Lifetime Heat Exchanger Limited Warranty

Beyond the 10-year mark, as long as you own your home, Goodman furnaces are protected by a Lifetime Heat Exchanger Limited Warranty. This is a significant commitment and will give homeowners peace of mind about the long-term operation of their heating system.

To benefit from the full terms of these warranties, it’s essential to register your Goodman furnace within 60 days of installation. Goodman has made this process straightforward for homeowners. Simply head to Goodman’s official website, where you’ll need to input details like your contact information, installation date, the installer’s details, and the Goodman furnace’s serial number. Taking a few minutes to do this ensures you’re covered for years to come.

Goodman Furnace Review

Goodman furnaces provide a compelling mix of affordability and performance. While they might not always match the premium feel of some high-end brands, they deliver reliable heating for many homeowners.

Remember, conducting your own research and seeking quotes from multiple local HVAC professionals before purchasing is essential.


  1. Affordability: One of Goodman’s standout qualities is balancing cost and quality. Their furnaces tend to be more affordable than some leading brands, making them a popular choice for homeowners on a budget.
  2. Warranty: Goodman often offers strong warranties, particularly on their high-end models. This indicates confidence in the durability and longevity of their products.
  3. Efficiency Options: Goodman furnaces come in a variety of efficiency ratings. For homeowners seeking energy savings, they offer models with high AFUE ratings, some even exceeding 96%.
  4. Reliability: Many users report that Goodman furnaces are reliable over the long term, especially when regular maintenance is performed.
  5. Broad Range: Whether you’re looking for a basic, no-frills furnace or a high-efficiency model with advanced features, Goodman has a comprehensive range to cater to different needs.


  1. Perceived Quality: Some HVAC professionals and homeowners feel that Goodman uses cheaper materials in their construction, which might affect the unit’s overall lifespan compared to premium brands.
  2. Noise Levels: Some users have reported that certain Goodman models can be noisier than their counterparts from other brands.
  3. Consistency: While many have positive experiences with Goodman Furnaces, there are also reports of occasional issues, like any brand. Ensuring proper installation and regular maintenance is crucial to mitigate potential problems.

Every brand has its critics, but when the unit is installed correctly, you’re an undeniable winner. With their focus on quality, innovation, and efficiency, Goodman Furnaces makes for a smart long-term investment for any homeowner.

Tips for Potential Buyers:

Proper installation and maintenance are keys to getting the best out of a Goodman furnace.

  1. Installation Matters: The longevity and efficiency of a Goodman furnace, like all HVAC systems, rely heavily on proper installation. Hiring a reputable HVAC professional with experience installing Goodman products is recommended.
  2. Regular Maintenance: To maintain its efficiency and lifespan, ensure that the furnace gets an annual checkup and timely replacements of filters.
  3. Understand the Warranty: While Goodman offers generous warranties, it’s essential to understand the terms and conditions to ensure coverage of any issues.

So go ahead, make that informed decision, and welcome a Goodman furnace into your home—you won’t regret it.

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