Age of Goodman AC – Find The Year of Manufacture from Serial Number

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If you’re interested in finding out the age of Goodman AC or year of manufacture, then you can follow this guide. The year of manufacture of Goodman AC can be identified from the serial number that is located on the data plate (usually attached to the outdoor cabinet on the backside).

Knowing Age of Goodman Ac is a vital piece when deciding whether to repair or replace your Air Conditioner system. It’s a good idea to take a look at the age of the AC unit as well as the entire condition. Most modern Air Conditioners at this time have an useful life of 15-20 years as a general rule.

So, if your Goodman AC unit is getting close to that age range, then planning for a replacement is a good idea. You will get many benefits by replacing the old Air Conditioner unit with a new one, including the warranty.

How To Find The Age of Goodman AC from Serial Number

Detailed information about how to decode the Goodman serial number, we have discussed in this article: Click Here.

Goodman Air Conditioners always have the first two numbers of the serial number as the year of manufacture. You could tell the month of manufacture as well from the serial number by the next two numbers. The same rules apply on Goodman Heat Pumps and Air Handlers.

Goodman Serial Number Example

age of goosman ac

Serial Number
The first two numbers in the serial number are 14, so this unit was manufactured in 2014. Next, the second set of two digits is 09, meaning the ninth month of the year, or September. So, the age of Goodman Ac in this example is the unit was manufacture in September of 2014.

Knowing Goodman AC age from serial number is easy, next you must figure out wether to replace or repair your air conditioner unit. If your Goodman air conditioner is nearing the end of its lifespan, we can help you find an experienced HVAC technicians. They will help find the right air conditioner for your home’s price range and cooling needs.

I hope this article helps those of you who are having difficulty in determining Goodman AC age.

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