AirQuest Furnace Reviews: Is This a Brand to Avoid or Embrace?

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AirQuest Furnace Reviews: Is This a Brand to Avoid or Embrace?

Today, I want to introduce you to a brand that’s been on my radar: AirQuest. They’ve been causing a bit of a buzz in the HVAC world, so I thought it was time we dived into an in-depth review of AirQuest furnaces.

Established over two decades ago, AirQuest has steadily risen through the ranks to become a go-to choice for many homeowners. Their commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction has made them a key player in the HVAC industry. But did you know AirQuest is not a standalone entity? They operate under the vast umbrella of their parent company, International Comfort Products (ICP).

International Comfort Products (ICP) is known in the heating and cooling industry for manufacturing HVAC equipment under multiple brand names. Among the prominent ones are Heil, Tempstar, Comfortmaker, Arcoaire, KeepRite, and AirQuest. Each brand has its distinct features and market presence but shares the commitment to quality and innovation fostered by ICP.

Features and Benefits of AirQuest Furnaces

When it comes to home heating solutions, the features and benefits of the chosen product play a pivotal role in ensuring comfort, efficiency, and longevity. AirQuest, a notable name in the HVAC industry, offers furnaces that are packed with advanced functionalities designed to elevate the homeowner’s experience.

In this section, we delve into the standout features and benefits of AirQuest furnaces, highlighting what truly sets them apart in the market.

Efficiency and Performance

From my research and personal experience, AirQuest furnaces pack a punch in terms of efficiency. Most of their models are ENERGY STAR® qualified, which means you’re not only keeping warm but doing so in an eco-friendly way. Their variable-speed blowers ensure the right amount of heat disperses evenly throughout your home, optimizing comfort.

Design and Build Quality

In terms of design, these furnaces are compact, making them suitable for homes with space constraints. The build quality is commendable – made with durable materials meant to last, and trust me, they do.


The warranties offered by AirQuest furnaces, including the 10-Year No Hassle Replacement™ and Lifetime Heat Exchanger Limited Warranty, further bolster trust in the brand.

Drawbacks of AirQuest Furnaces

While AirQuest furnaces come with a host of commendable features, they are not without their drawbacks. Here’s a closer look:

  1. Limited Regional Availability: Some models, particularly those with ultra-low NOx emissions, are designed specifically for certain regions like parts of California. This can limit the options for homeowners residing outside these zones.
  2. Initial Cost: High-efficiency furnaces, like the ones AirQuest offers, can come with a relatively steep initial price tag. Although they promise savings in the long run due to reduced energy consumption, the upfront investment might be a deterrent for some.
  3. Maintenance Needs: With advanced features and integrated technologies, regular professional maintenance is essential to ensure peak performance. Homeowners might find these maintenance requirements more demanding than simpler furnace models.
  4. Complexity for DIY Enthusiasts: The inclusion of sophisticated features, like the Wi-Fi® enabled Ion™ System Control, can pose challenges for DIY enthusiasts. Troubleshooting and repairs may often require expert intervention.
  5. Compatibility Issues: While the furnaces are designed to be compatible with various thermostats and accessories, homeowners might face compatibility challenges if they are not using recommended or native brands.
  6. Size and Installation Space: Some users have noted that certain AirQuest models are bulkier, requiring more installation space. This can be a limitation for homes with constrained utility areas.

Airquest Furnace Models

AirQuest offers homeowners a diverse range of furnace models tailored to different needs, preferences, and budgets. These models are categorized into three distinct series, each highlighting particular features and advantages.

Ion™ System Gas Furnaces

Standing as the pinnacle of AirQuest’s offerings, the Ion System Gas Furnaces are designed for those who seek uncompromised quality and performance.

Key Highlights:

  • Provides comprehensive comfort throughout the chilly season.
  • Enhanced with variable-speed blower motors.
  • Designed to work efficiently during warmer months by collaborating with the cooling system to effectively manage humidity levels inside the home.

G97CMN – Ion™ 98 Variable-Speed Modulating Gas Furnace

G97CMN - Ion™ 98 Variable-Speed Modulating Gas Furnace

This model is designed for temperature precision, quiet operation, and optimized summer dehumidification.

From its high-efficiency variable-speed blower motor to the modulating gas valve’s 40%–100% capacity range, every feature of the G97CMN is about precision and reliability. It sports the RPJ® primary and a stainless steel secondary heat exchanger. With the Ion™ System Control thermostat, you get full efficiency capability and Wi-Fi® convenience.


  • The variable-speed blower motor and modulating gas valve promise top-tier, even temperature control.
  • With dual fuel capability, it pairs with a heat pump and thermostat for efficient heating.
  • Operating at lower stages most of the time ensures energy-saving, smoothly increasing heat when required.
  • A fully insulated cabinet ensures maximum heat transfer to ductwork.
  • It’s air purifier and humidifier ready.
  • The Ion™ System Control offers Wi-Fi® enabled remote access.
  • The 10-Year No Hassle Replacement™ Limited Warranty and the Lifetime Heat Exchanger Limited Warranty give peace of mind.

G96CTN – Ion™ 96 Variable-Speed Gas Furnace

G96CTN is where reliability meets enhanced temperature control. Equipped with a two-stage gas valve and a fully variable-speed blower, it promises exceptional comfort in all seasons.

The G96CTN boasts a high-efficiency variable-speed motor and an energy-saving two-stage gas valve. Its RPJ® primary and stainless steel secondary heat exchangers ensure durability. With the Ion™ System Control, you’re equipped with Wi-Fi® functionality and intelligent diagnostics.


  • Variable-speed blower motor and two-stage gas valve for even temperature control.
  • Capable of dual fuel operations with an appropriate heat pump and thermostat.
  • Its two-stage operation ensures energy efficiency.
  • Air purifier and humidifier compatibility make it versatile.
  • Wi-Fi® enabled remote access through Ion™ System Control.
  • Warranty coverage includes a 10-year Parts Limited Warranty and a Lifetime Heat Exchanger Limited Warranty upon timely registration.

G80CSU – Ion™ 80 Ultra Low NOx Gas Furnace

G80CSU - Ion™ 80 Ultra Low NOx Gas Furnace

For those in regions like the South Coast Air Quality Management District and San Joaquin Air Pollution Control District in California, G80CSU is the optimal choice, given its ultra-low NOx emissions. With an 80% AFUE rating, it guarantees reliable heating while considerably reducing emissions.

With its high-efficiency variable-speed blower motor and single-stage gas valve, the G80CSU promises consistency. Its stainless steel primary heat exchanger ensures long-lasting performance, and the Ion™ System Control provides Wi-Fi® remote access convenience and intelligent diagnostics. This model operates exclusively on Natural Gas and is not convertible to Liquid Propane.


  • An Ultra-low NOx Model for reduced emissions.
  • Ensures quiet operation for uninterrupted comfort.
  • The variable-speed, constant airflow (VCA) ECM blower motor pairs with a single-stage gas valve for optimal temperature control.
  • Its dual-fuel compatibility offers energy-saving heating options.
  • The cabinet is fully insulated for efficient heat movement.
  • Compatible with air purifiers and humidifiers.
  • Warranty options include a 5-Year No Hassle Replacement™ Limited Warranty and a Lifetime Heat Exchanger Limited Warranty upon registration.

QuietComfort® Series

As the name suggests, the QuietComfort series is all about delivering consistent warmth while ensuring a peaceful environment inside the home.

Key Highlights:

  • Known for its resilience and long-lasting performance.
  • Achieves impressive heating efficiency with ratings up to 96% AFUE.
  • Offers dual fuel capabilities when paired with a compatible heat pump and thermostat, ensuring flexibility and optimization of energy consumption.

G96VTN – QuietComfort® 96 Gas Furnace

G96VTN - QuietComfort® 96 Gas Furnace

Designed for those who appreciate high efficiency, this model ensures you remain warm and comfortable during cold weather. Its two-stage operation and unique variable 25-speed blower not only enhance temperature control but also contribute to improved summer dehumidification.

This furnace comes with a heating capacity ranging between 60,000–120,000 BTUh and features both an RPJ® primary and a stainless steel secondary heat exchanger.


  • Enhanced temperature control with a variable 25-speed blower and a two-stage gas valve.
  • Compatibility with air purifiers and humidifiers.
  • Sound-reducing components for a quieter operation.

G80VTL – QuietComfort® 80 Gas Furnace

This model promises energy-saving with its two-stage gas valve and variable 25-speed blower motor. Its compatibility with heat pumps and thermostats further adds to its energy-efficient heating capabilities.

The furnace boasts a heating capacity of 44,000–110,000 BTUh and incorporates an RPJ® primary heat exchanger.


  • Dual fuel capabilities.
  • High-temperature limit control to prevent overheating.

Performance Series

A perfect blend of affordability and efficiency, the Performance Series caters to homeowners who are budget-conscious but don’t want to compromise on consistent warmth and reliability.

Key Highlights:

  • Designed to provide even levels of home comfort.
  • Operates via a single-stage mechanism, ensuring quiet and steadfast performance, a testament to its name.
  • Presents an economical yet effective heating solution for various households.

N96VSN – Performance 96 Gas Furnace

N96VSN - Performance 96 Gas Furnace

Prioritizing comfort, this high-efficiency furnace model utilizes a single-stage operation to maintain even temperature levels. Its variable 25-speed blower assists in superior dehumidification during summer.

The unit has a heating capacity of 40,000–120,000 BTUh and integrates both an RPJ® primary and a stainless steel secondary heat exchanger.


  • Single-stage gas valve for even temperature control.
  • Compatibility with air purifiers and humidifiers.

N80MSL – Performance 80 Low NOx Gas Furnace

Committed to the environment, this model stands out with its low NOx emissions. Adhering to California’s stringent air quality standards, it offers an eco-friendly heating solution without compromising on comfort.

The model offers an extensive heating capacity ranging from 45,000–155,000 BTUh and incorporates an RPJ® primary heat exchanger.


  • Strict adherence to NOx emission limits.
  • 18-speed blower motor customizable by dealers for optimal home comfort.
  • Dual fuel capabilities.

Personal Experience with AirQuest Furnaces

Feedback from homeowners suggests a positive experience with AirQuest’s customer service. The warranties offered, including the 10-Year No Hassle Replacement™ and Lifetime Heat Exchanger Limited Warranty, further bolster trust in the brand.

One homeowner shared, “Having used my AirQuest furnace for three winters, its performance has been impeccable. It’s consistent in providing warmth, even during the most severe cold snaps. Plus, whenever I had questions and contacted customer service, they were always prompt and helpful.”

After extensive evaluation, here’s our take on the brand and its products:

AirQuest furnaces, especially the Ion™ series, are designed for peak performance. Their modulating and variable-speed functionalities provide precise temperature control, ensuring homeowners enjoy consistent warmth. The high AFUE ratings on their models, some going up to 98%, affirm the brand’s commitment to energy efficiency.

The G80CSU model, in particular, with its ultra-low NOx emissions, is a commendable step towards addressing environmental concerns. It’s a suitable choice for areas with strict emission regulations, showcasing AirQuest’s commitment to both performance and the environment.


To sum up, AirQuest furnaces undeniably bring a wealth of features to the table, cementing their position in the HVAC market. Their focus on energy efficiency, integrated smart technologies, and environmental considerations speaks volumes about the brand’s forward-thinking approach. Customer reviews and feedback also shed light on a generally positive experience, especially concerning the warmth and reliability of their products.

However, it’s equally vital to consider the brand’s limitations. The regional specificity of certain models, higher initial costs, and increased maintenance requirements can’t be overlooked. Additionally, while the advanced features cater to a modern user’s demands, they also bring along a complexity that might not suit everyone.

When choosing a heating solution, it’s crucial to strike a balance. While AirQuest offers commendable products, they might not be the perfect fit for every homeowner. It’s always advisable to assess individual needs, budget constraints, and long-term considerations before making a decision. In the vast world of HVAC solutions, AirQuest stands out, but whether it stands out as the ideal choice for you is a decision best made after careful deliberation.

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