How Long Does It Take To Install A Water Heater?

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How Long Does It Take To Install A Water Heater?

How long does the process of installing a water heater take? Most of the time, a licensed professional needs between one to four hours to install a new water heater. But there are a lot of things that affect how long it takes to install a water heater.

To make sure a water heater is installed safely and correctly, you need to know about plumbing, electricity, and carpentry. Read on to find out when to replace different kinds of water heaters and how much it costs to install them.

Water Heater Installation Process

Once you decide to replace your water heater, you need to make a few choices to get the process going. If there aren’t any problems, a licensed plumber should be able to finish the water heater installation job in one to three hours.

Here’s what to expect when getting a new water heater and putting it in.

Consult with Professional Technician

Technicians who work with heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) can look at your water heater and help you choose the right one for your needs and budget. We can do this by replacing your old water heater with a similar one with a tank, or we can do it without a tank. We also have ways to pay for things.

Make an Appointment

Like we said before if it is an emergency, you need to make an appointment right away. Even if it isn’t, it needs to be made quickly to avoid a costly breakdown.

Clear the Installation Area

Make sure that there are no boxes or other items around or near the heater so that the service technicians can get to it easily.

Remove the Old Water Heater

Like putting in a new water heater, taking out an old one takes a few steps. The tank must be drained, cut off from the source of power or fuel, and then taken off.

Installing the New Water Heater

Getting the new water heater into your home and instaled in the right place takes some time as well. How long it will take to install a water heater depends on where it is and how easy it is to get to. The tank must be hooked up to the source of power or fuel. If it’s a gas water heater, this will probably take a little longer because there will be more venting and safety steps to take. Once the tank is full and the installation is done, the plumber will test it and change the settings.

Factors that affect the length of the water heater installation process.

1. Type of Water Heater

The US Department of Energy says that American homes can choose from five different kinds of water heaters. Each of these systems has its own pros and cons, such as how long it takes to set up.

Depending on other factors, it may take two to three hours to install a standard water heater with a storage tank. Tankless water heaters that heat water only when it’s needed take longer to set up. Usually, it takes between two and eight hours. It usually depends on the type of tankless water heater, where it is, and what fuel it uses.

Heat pump water heaters and solar water heaters may take longer to install because the energy source for the heater needs to be set up first. Indirect or tankless coil water heaters may also take longer to install, but not as long as solar or heat pump water heaters.

2. A New Water Heater or Replacement Water Heater?

In general, it takes less time to replace an old system than to put in a new heater. Before you can put in a new water heater, you will have to get rid of the old one first. It can take an extra 60–90 minutes to install.

The good news is that everything else has already been set up. No water lines, gas lines, or electrical circuits need to be put in. All you have to do is take these parts off your old system and put them back on your new water heater.

But installing a new or different water heater can make the process take longer. You may need to make changes to your system to make room for new features on your water heater. Even so, it should still take less time than putting in a brand-new water heater.

3. Source of Power

Electric and gas water heaters are two of the easiest to set up because most American homes already have these energy sources.

Let’s say you want to power your water heater with solar energy. In that case, you may need to spend more time setting up your solar system before you can connect it to your water heater. The same thing goes for ground heat pumps.

4. Location of Water Heater Placement

How long it takes to install your water heater system will also depend on where you decide to put your water heater. Because of the prep work that needs to be done, installing a water heater in a small space may take longer. You might have to move things out of the way, change the way your water pipes go, or make plans for getting to your fuel source.

Costs to Install a Water Heater

Your price will depend a lot on what kind of water heater you want to be installed. For instance, the installation of a tank water heater can cost as little as $820, while the installation of a tankless water heater starts at about $1,200.

A plumber’s hourly rate for installing a water heater is usually between $50 and $200. It takes between one and three hours to instal and replace a water heater.

When should you get a new water heater?

It’s never easy to deal with plumbing problems. Toilets don’t consult us when they decide to back up. And leaks. Don’t get me started on leaks! They always show up when it’s the most inconvenient. But water heaters are the most annoying thing that can happen. Who wants a cold shower? Scheduling the installation of a water heater is easy and quick.

Before the water heater is put in, you’ll need to make a few choices. Most water heaters last between 10 and 15 years, so you probably don’t know about the newer, more energy-efficient ones on the market.

Today’s systems, which range from 50 gallons to tankless, give homeowners more choices than ever. Ask a plumber to give you ideas for different systems that will work for your home. Different water heater systems have different installation times, costs, and energy needs, so being informed will save you time and money in the long run.

How Long Does It Take to Change a Water Heater?

And since we’re talking about time, how long does it take to replace a water heater? Again, the scheduled time will depend on the system you choose. Installing a new tankless system, which could take more time to build, will take much longer than just replacing your current water tank with a similar system.

Unless something unexpected comes up, a licensed plumber should be able to install and get your new water heater working in one to three hours. A reputable plumbing company will show up on time, work at a steady pace, and clean up after themselves as needed.

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