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reliance water heater age

This article tells you how to quickly figure out the age of a Reliance water heater. Reliance didn’t clarify when the unit was manufactured on its sticker or data tag. Still, it’s usually written in the serial number. Most of the time, a Reliance water heater serial number can be used to figure out how old the unit is.

On the side of your unit, you’ll find a data tag with the serial number. Most of the time, this sticker is around any warning labels and the energy guide.

reliance water heater serial number location

Each manufacturer uses a different format, so you need to decode what the serial number means. Bradford White, for example, has a serial number that is easy to read on their water heater. Read on to find out how to tell the age of the Reliance water heater.

Reliance water heater serial number lookup

Reliance water heater serial numbers are easy to decode. The first letter of the serial number tells you the month, and the first two numbers tell you the year it was manufactured.

See below for the example of a Reliance water heater serial number and how to decode it.

  • Serial number #L98012345
    L = Month
    98 = Year
    012345 = Sequential number

So the Reliance water heater with the serial number shown above is from 1998.

  • Serial number #2110AO543210
    21 = Year
    10 = Week
    543210 = Sequential number

The serial number shown above shows us that the Reliance water heater was manufactured in 2021. The example above is the new format of the Reliance serial number. Since the company is a subsidiary of A.O. Smith Water Products Company, the serial numbers are similar.

With newer models, the manufacturer year of the Reliance water heater is usually located right on the data tag. It is the regulatory compliance standard (ANSI.)

You can check the ANSI label to identify the Reliance water age. It is a simple way to tell how old your water heater is without decoding the serial number.

Final Words

Is your Reliance water heater start need frequent repair? Have you just moved and are worried that a unit you inherited might not last much longer?

If you said yes to either of these questions, you should probably find out the age of your unit. The information above should clarify how to figure out how old a Reliance water heater is.

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