Carrier WeatherMaker 8000 Reviews & Troubleshooting

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Carrier WeatherMaker 8000 Troubleshooting

Carrier leads the industry with the new WeatherMaker 8000 Two-Speed Induced-Draft Gas Furnace. This furnace can run at two different speeds, which make for a very comfortable home. The WeatherMaker 8000 furnace is made with the most advanced technology so that it is of the highest quality.

The Carrier WeatherMaker 8000 gas furnace with ComfortHeat™ Technology keeps the temperature inside the house stable and efficient. The ComfortHeat technology in the WeatherMaker 8000 gas furnace makes the airflow and comfort inside better.

The WeatherMaker 8000 TS works slower and more consistently than most furnaces up to 90 percent of the time. That means that most of the temperature changes and hot and cold drafts that come with regular furnaces are almost gone.

This Carrier furnace has a lower heating stage, so its heating cycles are up to 40 percent longer than those of other models. This better airflow not only helps keep the temperature more stable but also makes the air inside your home healthier because it stays in the furnace filter for longer. If you add a high-efficiency Carrier air filter to this system, it can really do a great job of cleaning the air.

When the temperature outside is very high or low, the WeatherMaker 8000 gas furnace automatically changes to a higher speed to keep you comfortable.

This furnace keeps your home comfortable without sacrificing efficiency. It has an AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) of 80%.

The patented smart control board from Carrier constantly checks and adjusts how the furnace works to provide the most comfort for the least amount of energy. With the two-stage gas valve and the two-speed inducer motor, the smart control board from Carrier is ready to handle even the worst weather outside.

Carrier WeatherMaker 8000 Features

Enhanced indoor air quality is made easier with the air cleaner cabinet, a standard accessory with the WeatherMaker 8000TS gas furnace. When installed as a part of your system, this cabinet allows for the easy and convenient addition of a Carrier high-efficiency air filter.

Economical comfort is created by the two-speed inducer motor. This component ensures peak efficiency by directing the flow of air through the heat exchangers for improved heat transfer.

Energy-efficient performance of the WeatherMaker 8000TS gas furnace comes from the heat exchanger. Carrier’s Super-S™ Heat ExchangerTM converts more than 80% of the heat from the furnace into useable heat for your home.

Optimum comfort and energy savings are the results of the two-stage gas valve. The low stage improves comfort on milder days. The high stage ensures comfort during more extreme outdoor weather conditions.

Efficient, reliable operation is ensured by the hot surface ignition, which eliminates the need for typical pilot lights.

Maximum comfort and efficiency are controlled by a patented smart control board that customizes furnace operation to deliver precise indoor weather.

Protect your family – Carrier’s exclusive draft safeguard switch automatically shuts down furnace operation if a common vent is blocked.

Excellent Warranty. Carrier offers a 20-year limited warranty on the heat exchanger. The entire WeatherMaker 8000 furnace parts are guaranteed by a five-year limited warranty.

The Carrier WeatherMaker 8000 two-speed is easy to install, which is the best part. This furnace is a good choice for new construction or to replace an old one because it has many useful features. There are gas and electrical connections on both the left and the right. Other features include a bottom that is easy to take off, a speed switch for the heating and cooling blower, cooling coils that can be covered or left open, a low-voltage humidifier, and terminal connections for the electronic air cleaner.

Carrier WeatherMaker 8000 Parts

Use the following Carrier model number to find the right WeatherMaker 8000 parts:

Carrier WeatherMaker 8000 Model Number Nomenclature

Ensure that you get these correct Carrier parts.

Carrier WeatherMaker 8000 Parts
  1. Relief Box
  2. Rating Plate
  3. Gas Valve Control Knob or Electric Switch (On/Off)
  4. 2-Stage Gas Valve
  5. Manual Reset Flame Rollout Switch
  6. Gas Burner
  7. Flame Sensor
  8. Hot Surface Ignitor
  9. Status LED Light and Control
  10. Blower and Blower Motor
  11. Draft Safeguard Tube and Switch
  12. Gas Manifold
  13. Blower Door Safety Switch.
  14. Filter Retainer
  15. Air Filter

Carrier Weathermaker 8000 Troubleshooting & Repair

Below are the most common Carrier WeatherMaker 8000 furnace problems. Read on for advice on how to repair and prevent for future furnace problems.

Carrier Weathermaker 8000 TS Won’t Fire Up.

The hot surface ignitor does not work right. The hot surface igniter for a furnace is easy to find and change. If it looks like a very tall roller coaster, it will usually break, and a white substance will usually build-up at the break.

There should also be a pressure switch, also called a proving switch, that makes sure the draft inducer is working right. This switch needs to make for the hot surface ignitor to light.

Carrier Weathermaker 8000 Turns On, But The Blower Fan Won’t Work.

Most likely, the control board for the furnace is broken. Before you spend money on parts, you should pull out the blower and check the heat exchanger for cracks and popped rings.

The Weathermaker 8000 furnace turns on, but it turns off almost as soon as it does.

Check the flame sensor. There is a small rod in front of one of the burners that need to be cleaned. Most of the time, the furnace goes up after being restarted several times.

Weathermaker 8000 blinking light (error 24).

The following Carrier error code indicates the low voltage fuse is open. The fuse is on your circuit board (in the front). It is an automotive-type fuse with a 3 amp rating. If you don’t have a 3 amp fuse, you can use a 5 amp fuse, but not any higher. If the fuse blows again after you replace it, you know there is a 24v short somewhere.

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