Carrier Furnace Warranty Information

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Carrier Furnace Warranty

The first place to lookup for details informations on your Carrier furnace warranty is your owner’s manuals. If you’ve lost ones, You can look for them online by providing the serial and model number of your Carrier furnace unit.

Carrier Furnace Warranties

Carrier is one of the world leader in HVAC industry. Carrier furnaces are available in single and multi-stage options. Their top of the line models offers an AFUE rating up-to 98%.

Here are the Carrier furnace warranty informations frequently asked questions by readers on our website.

BrandsPartsHeat ExchangersCompressors
Carrier, Bryant, Payne10 years20 or Lifetime10 years

Important warranty informations that you should know about furnace warranty:

  • Most furnace warranties would not cover labor costs
  • Warranties usually begin from the date of the installation
  • Registering your Carrier furnace warranties will provide free extended coverage
  • The model and serial number of your Carrier furnace will be very helpful to you for many reasons
  • The warranty is from the manufacturer, not the installer so you can usually call anyone to service the unit and still honor the warranty
  • If you’re buying a home, look into transferring your warranty so you don’t miss out

Many Manufacturer’s never cover the labor warranty. Except if you brought additional coverage, which is generally done through a third party. Carrier offer 3 years labor warranty in thier infinity furnace model.

Carrier Furnace Warranty Conditions

  1. To obtain the longer warranty period, the furnace must be properly registered at within ninety (90) days of installation.
  2. Where a product is installed in a new home, the date of installation is the date the homeowner purchased the home.
  3. If the date of original installation cannot be verified, then the warranty period begins ninety (90) days from the date of product manufacture
  4. (as indicated by the model and serial number). Proof of purchase may be required at time of service.
  5. The limited parts warranty periods do not require registration.
  6. Product must be installed properly and by a licensed HVAC technician.
  7. The warranty applies only to products remaining in their original installation location.
  8. Installation, use, care, and maintenance must be normal and in accordance with instructions contained in the Installation Instructions,
  9. Owner’s Manual and Company’s service information.
  10. Defective parts must be returned to the distributor through a registered servicing dealer for credit.

Carrier Furnace Warranty Does Not Cover

  1. Labor or other costs incurred for diagnosing, repairing, removing, installing, shipping, servicing or handling of either defective parts, or replacement parts, or new units.
  2. Any product not installed pursuant to applicable regional efficiency standards issued by the Department of Energy.
  3. Any product purchased over the Internet.
  4. Normal maintenance as outlined in the installation and servicing instructions or Owner’s Manual, including filter cleaning and/or replacement and lubrication.
  5. Failure, damage or repairs due to faulty installation, misapplication, abuse, improper servicing, unauthorized alteration or improper operation.
  6. Failure to start or damages due to voltage conditions, blown fuses, open circuit breakers, or the inadequacy, unavailability, or interruption of electrical, Internet service provider, or mobile device carrier service or your home network.
  7. Failure or damage due to floods, winds, fires, lightning, accidents, corrosive environments (rust, etc) or other conditions beyond the control of Company.
  8. Parts not supplied or designated by Company, or damages resulting from their use.
  9. Products installed outside the U.S.A. or Canada.
  10. Electricity or fuel costs, or increases in electricity or fuel costs from any reason whatsoever, including additional or unusual use of supplemental electric heat.
  11. Any cost to replace, refill or dispose of refrigerant, including the cost of refrigerant.

These Carrier Furnace Warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state or province to province.

Carrier Furnace Extended Warranties

An extended warranty starts when your standard warranty expires. Carrier is confident in their furnace products and expertise that they offer a variety of comprehensive extended warranty programs.

In addition to the standard factory parts and limited warranty, you can now extend the parts and labor coverage and/or parts-only coverage for years of custom-made indoor comfort. That means, depending on the program you choose, if you have any problem with your Carrier furnace system, they will provide a replacement part and/or the labor at no cost to you.

A Carrier warranty certificate was included with manuals, and is specific to the model numbers, serial numbers and installation dates of your furnace. If you still cannot find Carrier furnace warranty information you need, call Carrier Dealer to provide you with the information.

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