We at TheDailyThrive are trying to collect stories of women who went against the odds to become successful. Those who have achieved more than life allowed them. Or those who stood for a cause when others feared the same.

If you believe your or someone you know has a story worth being published, do fill the form below and let us know. If inspirational enough, we would promote the same on prominent news sites as well.

The requirements for the story are as follows:

  1. A post, at least 2000 words long describing the woman and her success story in detail. If she has an organization, it would obviously be mentioned in the story. However, if you need a post highlighting the organization itself, please send a separate story for it along with the primary one.
  2. Images: One image (to be featured) has to be highlighting the face and at least 1333*1000 in dimension or bigger. Please try to crop it to the ratio 4*3 for the frame. All other images in the post as you desire to present it as a part of the story. The images would be published and archived online and can be downloaded and used by any third party. Just like any other image on the internet.
  3. A link to your organizations site, if any.

Please fill the form below. We read ALL mails and try our best to reply to every one of them, usually within 48 hours. Or send the story to info@thedailythrive.org directly.