How to Replace Trane XE80 Furnace Blower Motor

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Trane xe80 How to Replace the Blower Motor

This article contains information on identifying the trane xe80 furnace blower motor problems. It is important to understand how the blower motor works in your unit before you can begin to try to diagnose why this trane xe80 parts is not working.

The blower motor within a HVAC system is responsible for distributed the air flow going through a room from the air ducting. It pushes air over the heat exchange (for heat) or the evaporator coil (for cooling), which moves through the ducts to reach different rooms to warm or cool all of them. And if this kind of furnace blower motor does not work properly or fails, the air isn’t going to flow and properly hobbling the entire system.

When you think your trane xe80 furnace blower motor is bad, you will need to check to confirm that before you change with the new one. Start diagnosis simply by turning off the electric power in your unit. After that, try to spin the blower using hand. If the furnace blower motor spins freely, feel the motor to see if it is hot.

Check every one of the wire connections to ensure they really are tight, check the work of capacitor and as well , replace it as required.

Replacing a Trane xe80 furnace blower motor

It requires a little mechanical ability to replace a trane xe80 blower motor. You will have to deal with the wiring and will need to remove the entire blower assembly to make the repairs. You may be able to take the whole assembly to a buisness in your area that rebuilds motors and they will take care of it for you. It will be a lot cheaper.

A nate certified HVAC technician would be a good choice to repair your system correctly.

In order to DIY trane xe80 furnace blower motor replacement, you have to take the cage out, disconnect the fan from the shaft, then unplug everything and unscrew it all.

After finding the right replacement motor, put it all back together and make sure you don’t bend the fan and that you get it on the shaft properly.

How much does a trane xe80 furnace blower motor replacement cost?

The blower motor is usually one of the most reliable parts of trane xe80 furnace. However, if its motor burns out, or it stops functioning for some other reason, it is fairly simple to replace the furnace blower motor.

Trane xe80 furnace blower motor operate at a single speed will cost around $500 to replace. Variable-speed furnace blower motors cost higher to replace.

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