Causes a Trane XE80 Flame Sensor Get Dirty and How to Clean it

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The trane xe80 flame sensor is usually a somewhat common system found within the burner installation. This is almost no much more than a slim, generally twisted, metallic rod which usually is located before one of the fire stream inside the trane xe80 unit. Does your unit get started to start up, and yet after that shut down just as it gets going? If yes, it is possible that your trane xe80 flame sensor is dirty.

The idea with the trane xe80 flame sensor should be to verify to make sure that unit that every time the gas regulators is open up, a fire is actually present. In case the system maintained giving out gas the moment presently there is nothing to fire up the item, a risky buildup of unburned gas will happen. As soon as your trane xe80 furnace proceeds to actually start up and then the burners will be captivated, those flame sensor comes with an extremely smaller window of time period that would identify those flame.

Incase those sensor does not identify any type of flame, this systematically shuts down that system. Trane xe80 products is going to let the following shutdown quite a few times prior to going to make a “safety lockout” for approximately one hour or so just before working back again.

What Causes a Trane xe80 Flame Sensor Get Dirty?

It is very possible for trane xe80 flame sensor to be gone weak. Although whole lot frequently than not, actually not stopped working, it is only dirty out of carbon accumulation. Considering that a flame sensor possesses a lower tolerance for variations in the scanning it needs, any slightest layer in carbon can easily cause it to misinterpret and then shut down. Since most trane xe80 furnace are placed in an open grounds because of a large amount of dust particles found in the air, you will often see how dust may well remain into the sensor and burn to it, as a result causing carbon accumulation. Thats what makes you trane xe80 sensor become dirty.

How to Clean Trane xe80 Flame Sensor?

Unless the insulator is cracked, or the rod is damaged, burned up, etc, the flame sensor doesn’t go bad, it is just a conductor. They do get dirty, so require cleaning. Per Honeywell, and some other manufacturers training I’ve been to, fine steel wool, or those green Scotchbrite scrub pads are the best way to clean trane xe8 flame sensor.

Here is the step by step to clean trane xe80 flame sensor:

  1. Turn Off the Power
  2. Locate and Remove the Sensor
  3. Clean it
  4. Reattach

If cleaning your trane xe80 flame sensor did not work, it’s possible that the unit is broken. And you may need to replace it with the one. If that doesn’t solve your problem, a specific thing else may possibly happen to be causing it, and it would be wise to contact a trane local service repair technician.

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