Furnace Blower Motor Replacement Cost

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Furnace Blower Motor Replacement and Cost

If your furnace blower motor goes bad, you’ll need to either repair or replace it. The last option sometimes is not the ideal choice. In this article, I will tell you everything you need to know about the furnace blower motor replacement process and it cost.

What Is A Blower Motor?

Blower motor is a component in your furnace system that blows the air through the vents in your house. It delivers the heat through the ductwork then circulates it across your indoor space to ensure that the temperature reaches the ideal level.

There are 3 types of furnace blower motor: the single speed furnace, two-stage furnace and the variable speed furnace.

The single speed furnace, has only one stage of heat output. This makes the single stage furnace the least efficient, and the most costly of three options.

The two stage furnace is very similar to the single speed furnace. The only difference is that it has a second stage of heat output.

Both single speed and two stage furnace blows air in full capacity when it’s operating.

A variable speed furnace blower motor, on the other hand, can operate at lower or higher speeds and more quite. This improved airflow control, results in a better harmony amongst temperature and humidity. A variable speed furnace allowing you setting the thermostat in different options for different location of the house and better energy efficiency.

The cost of a variable speed furnace blower motor is higher than the traditional furnace.

Furnace Blower Motor Cost

If your furnace is still under warranty, you may only have to pay around $150 for labor costs. But if your warranty has ended, Furnace Blower Motor Replacement Cost about $250 to $1000 without labor cost. You might spend up even more depends upon on the brand of your furnace.

If you hire an HVAC technician, the installation cost for furnace blower motor costs around $150 to $250.

When you replace the blower motor in your furnace, you may replace the capacitor too. Replacing a blower capacitor will costs you around $150 to $450.

Furnace Blower Motor Price by Brand

Rheem$250 – $900
Carrier$100 – $1,600
Trane$175 – $1,500
Lennox$150 – $1,500
Goodman$75 – $800
York$150 – $1,800

Signs Your Furnace Blower Motor Needs To Be Replaced

Blower motor will become more vulnerable to mechanical failures, just like other furnace parts. If your furnace is old and getting increasingly a problem, there’s a good chance the blower motor has an issues too. Even if it’s repairable, an old furnace motor will likely fail to function again and again. Rather than having to pay out every now and then for repairs, it may well be more financially wise to get a new motor.

Here are signs that your furnace blower motor need to be replaced:

Weak/No Airflow

Weak airflow coming out of the vents or not coming out at all means that your furnace blower motor is bad. The most common reasons for this symptom include a bad capacitor, a worn-out motor, or dust and dirt buildup.

If your blower motor has a bad capacitor or is dirty, contact an HVAC professional near you to repair it. Otherwise, if you feel no airflow coming out of the vents, it is sign for furnace blower motor replacement.

High Energy Bills

When the blower motor is not working correctly, it will generally use more energy to perform as it should. Furnace motor is the part of your system that uses the most power. A faulty blower motor will lead to a considerable amount of energy consumption.

Strange Sounds

Your furnace shouldn’t work loudly, so when you noticed unusual and loud sounds from your system, it’s a sign of a bad blower motor. Clanking, banging, or rattling sounds may be because of a broken or loose part.

DIY Furnace Blower Motor Replacement

The blower motor is frequently hard wired into the home’s primary electrical power. You will need to shut off the circuit breaker at the electrical panel before doing the furnace blower motor replacement.

To begin the removal of the old blower motor, you should remove the mounting bolts or nuts that hold the blower system in the furnace. To remove the motor from the blower system, start by removing the set screw that links the wheel to the motor. Then remove the motor mounting bolts which hold the motor to the housing.

Pull the motor out. After you have the motor out, you should remove the mounting bracket from the motor.

When installing a new furnace blower motor, make sure you confirm that the motors capacitor matches the old one. Insert the fan motor shaft into the blower wheel, as you properly arrange the motor on the housing. Then reinstall any parts you removed earlier.

Check that the fan spins freely. Then close up the furnace and turn the power back on and your furnace should be ready for use.

Keeping Your Furnace Running Smoothly

Just follow these simple guidelines:

  • Check and replace your furnace filter regularly. It’s a good option to check it monthly and clean it as soon as you see it getting dirty.
  • Have your furnace inspected annually or bi-annually by HVAC professional. Not only can your HVAC professional near you identify any concerns early on, but you’ll ensure that all your furnace system is running safely and efficiently.
  • If you hear something strange or unusual in your furnace’s performance, have it inspected soon. Quick diagnosis is the key to minimal damage and frunace repair costs.

Replace Blower Motor Or Buy New Furnace?

The answer will depends on many factors. If the unit is still relatively new and rest of the unit is in good condition you might find it better to replace the blower motor only (repair). If you’re seeing a lot of rusting and corrosion, potential problems that might arise sooner than later it may be wise to invest the repair costs into a new system.

Personally, I chose to replace the frunace into new and more energy efficient unit without even being forced into it by a repair. If you can afford it and plan to stay in your home for at least 5 years, buy new furnace.

From my experience, there are other looming problems than just a furnace blower motor. Chances are you may have issues with the furnace heat exchanger as well. If the heat exchanger break or cracks, the furnace is no longer safe and it’s typically not economical to repair.

Knowing whether you should replace a blower motor or buy a new furnace is important. Get several quotes before you commit.


Furnace blower motor is just one part of the furnace that can malfunction. Having regular maintenance and cleaning is the best way to keep your furnace blower in good form.

Replacing a furnace blower motor is moderately difficult. If you have good skills and know the proper procedure, you might want to consider it DIY. In case you were wondering, call an HVAC professional near you for a complete inspection!

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