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York is known as a reliable HVAC brand with plenty of affordable air conditioners available. Their central air conditioner line is divided into two different series, the top of the line Affinity series and the entry-level LX series. York’s systems are costlier due to the powerful and durable, they also has excellent customer service. This article will discuss all about York Air Conditioner models that are available, the features, prices and more.

The company has been in business since 1874, and their products are designed and manufactured in the United States. York was acquired by Johnson Controls in 2005, and this is the same parent company that owns the brand Luxaire and Coleman. York Air Conditioner is considered one of the average quality brands of HVAC system.

York Air Conditioner Exclusive Features

York air conditioner might be the perfect heating and cooling option for your home if you’re looking for an economic system. Their products are affordable, reliable and long-lasting, easy to install, and backed by a great warranty. York’s residential AC units can range in size from 1.5 tons to 5 tons with the SEER rating from 13 to 21.

York Air Conditioner filled with a variety of features, such as:

QuietDrive Comfort System

QuietDrive is a special system that’s designed to improve energy performance and reduce noise made by the air conditioner. The system includes of a swept-wing fan, a composite base, and a high-efficiency compressor that’s included within an isolated compartment.

Charge Assurance

Charge Assurance is an unique feature from York that’s designed to make better installation and make maintenance easier. The Charge Assurance system don’t just makes installation faster and more proper, but it also ensures that your unit is installed properly. After installation, the system allows maintenance by helping HVAC technicians to check refrigerant levels without disconnecting the unit.

Climate Set

Climate Set is a technology that boost the efficiency of your air conditioning system while also providing the system maintains the perfect indoor climate according to your choices.

ECM Condensing Unit Fan Motors

This is another great feature of the York Affinity Series and the two-stage LX YFK and YCG models. ECM motors are quieter, more energy efficient and run at different speed levels based on the stage of cooling used.

York Air Conditioner Models and Sizes

York air conditioner models are divided into two different series; the Affinity and LX series.

York LX Economy Series

The LX series of York air conditioners are affordable and efficient but not quite as powerful. It’s separated into two segments with LX Advanced series units and LX Series Economy class systems. They are designed to save you money on your utility bills. In this series there are also compact models that are ideal for small homes. The SEER ratings for these models range from 13 to 17.

  • LX – Model YCG
  • LX – Model YCS
  • LX – Model YCE
  • LX – Model YFE
  • LX – Model YCD
  • LX – Model YFD
  • LX – Model YCJF
  • LX – Model TCHE
  • LX – Model TCHD

York Affinity Series

York’s premium line of air conditioners is the Affinity series. All models are ENERGY STAR certified, and are equipped with York’s exclusive features such as QuietDrive Comfort System for quiet operation. Charge Assurance for easy installation, and Climate Set technology to ensure the perfect indoor air temperature.

  • Affinity – Model YXV
  • Affinity – Model CZH
  • Affinity – Model CZF

York central air conditioner units available for the most common residential installations. To know which York AC size you need in your home is to have a load calculation performed by a Qualified HVAC Contractor. They will measure the heat loss of your home and size the unit to your home needs.

ModelTonnageSEERNoise LevelsBTU’sCompressor
York Affinity CZH2-51858 dB24,000-60,000Two Stage
York Affinity CZF2-51660 dB24,000-60,000Single Stage
York Affinity TCHD1.5-51362 dB24,000-60,000Single Stage
York LX Series YCG1.5-51759 dB18,000-60,000Single Stage
York LX Series YCJF1.5-516.565 dB24,000-60,000Single Stage
York LX Series YCS1.5-51468 dB18,000-56,000Single Stage
York LX Series YCE1.5-51472 dB18,000-56,000Single Stage
York LX Series YFE1.5-51470 dB17,800-56,000Single Stage
York LX Series YCD1.5-51365 dB17,800-55,000Single Stage
York LX Series YFD1.5-51371 dB18,000-60,000Single Stage

York Air Conditioner Prices and Warranties

A new York air conditioning unit could cost anywhere from $2,40 to $5,250 to install depends on size and series. It’s a relatively lower early purchase cost when compared to its other AC brands.

Below is a table comparing York air conditioner price for 2,5 ton size AC unit.

ModelUnit OnlyUnit Installed
York Affinity CZH$2,250$4,580
York Affinity CZF$1,880$4,000
York Affinity TCHD$1,445$3,705
York LX Series YCG$1,650$3,970
York LX Series YCJF$1,490$3,700
York LX Series YCS$1,290$3,390
York LX Series YCE$1,250$3,370
York LX Series YFE$1,250$3,370
York LX Series YCD$1,060$3,150
York LX Series YFD$1,060$3,150

Things that affect the price of York Air Conditioner:

  • The size of your home
  • The climate you live in
  • The efficiency of your system — the SEER rating
  • The condition of your ductwork
  • The type of home


York has a great warranty on their air conditioner units that covers the compressor, parts, and even labour. The best warranty comes with their Affinity series, but even the LX series still have great coverage that includes:

10-year limited warranty for the compressor
10-year parts limited warranty
1-year labor limited warranty
A lifetime limited warranty that covers the compressor (for Affinity series)

York also offers optional extended warranties and standard warranties tailored to the specific product.


York is a well-known name in the heating and cooling work with many selection of air conditioners series and models. York Affinity Air Conditioner will be a better unit than other brand’s lowest quality unit, and York’s lowest quality unit will never compare to another brands top unit. Make sure you get at least 3 more quotes from other contractors who offer different brands, then review them to decide who’s giving you the best installation and best AC units for your money.

Feel free to take advantage of our Free Local Quote form. You’ll receive written estimates at no cost or obligation. Each installer is licensed, insured and pre-screened for experience.

Customers are often dissatisfied with York’s reliability because of poor installation. Good labor is important, no matter which brand your AC is. As someone who tests hundreds of random units a year of all ages and sizes, I think I get a pretty good idea of which HVAC brands tend to work and which brands tend to have problems. Trane and Rheem are the ones I experience the least problems with. I would lump just about everything else in the middle: York, Goodman, Carrier, Lennox, etc… they’re all about the same to me.

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