Where Is The Reset Button On Cadet Wall Heater?

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Where Is The Reset Button On Cadet Wall Heater

Most Cadet wall heaters have a reset button on the front near the bottom that lets you turn the heater off and on again. The button is usually red in color and easy to find. If your heater starts having problems, it’s important to know the location of the Cadet wall heater reset button.

Wall-mounted heaters are often used as the main source of heat in small rooms like bathrooms. They can also be used as an extra source of heat in large rooms that need more warmth. They can help save energy because they can heat only the rooms that need it instead of the whole house.

How do I reset my cadet wall heater?

Resetting the cadet wall heater is an easy task. Press the reset button on your Cadet wall heater to reset it. The button used to reset the manual limit switch is called the reset button. You can also turn the thermostat on the heater to a LOW or OFF position.

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Cadet wall heaters have two controls that keep the temperature from getting too high. The first is a high-temperature reset switch that opens the heater circuit when an operating temperature that is too high is found. The problem must be figured out, and the limit must be reset in order for the unit to operate again.

A secondary over-temperature switch can offer even more protection by cutting the power to the heater if the temperature gets too high or if a component fails. Whenever this happens, the heater will need to be fixed or replaced.

If the manual-reset limit control has opened the heater circuit because the operating temperature was too high, the heater won’t work until the limit reset button is pressed. Here’s how to reset your Cadet wall heater, step by step:

  1. Give the unit at least 10 minutes to cool down.
  2. Use a thin object like a ballpoint pen to reach the reset button through the lower right center section of the heater grill.
  3. Press hard and make sure you hear and feel a click to show that it has been reset.

Note that resetting the manual limit control may not make the cadet heater work again if it has been severely overheated.

When something goes wrong with the Cadet Wall heater, we usually try to reset it first. But the worst thing is when the reset button on the Cadet Wall heater doesn’t work. The following things can cause the reset button to stop working:

  • The thermostat doesn’t work or fails to manage the heat.
  • A high-limit switch is making the heater trip the reset button.
  • Wire connections that are broken or loose
  • Heating elements that don’t work

When you find yourself in the above situation, you should:

  • Get a new thermostat if the button keeps getting pushed.
  • Make sure the high limit switch works.
  • Check and tighten the wire connections.
  • Make sure the heating elements on the heater are working.

Final Words

The cadet wall heater reset button preserves the device from getting too hot. If the unit gets too hot, the button will trip and turn off the power. It’s normal for a heating system to need to be reset every now and then. Still, if the cadet wall heater needs to be reset often, a professional should look at the system and fix it.

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