How To Properly Reset AC Unit

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How To Properly Reset AC Unit

Knowing how to reset AC unit can be tricky, since there is certainly many unique Air Conditioner models nowadays. The first thing you have to do is find the reset button. The location should be in the outdoor unit. After you find the reset button, resetting an air conditioner will be easy.

Why Should Reset an AC Unit

An air conditioning can sometimes not kicks in or temporarily stop working. When power outages happen, sometimes the power comes back on but your air conditioner remains not restart.

This is a safety mechanism to prevent any further malfunction, such as short circuits and explosions. The AC circuit breaker will respond to a power surge and protects the AC unit.

Circuit breaker is a vital element of many appliances with electronic systems.

Another reason you need to reset an AC unit is when your thermostat is malfunctioning. When your thermostats is set correctly but you AC still blowing warm air, sometimes a hard reset can solve that problem.

AC Reset Button Location

You will have to look for the outdoor unit (condenser), to find the AC reset button. This is a first step before resetting your air conditioner. Go to your outdoor unit, probing around to find the button. Some button locate outside and some locate inside.

Make sure you cut the power for safety reason.

The button tend to be red in color and quite small. If you’re having problem finding it, refer to your owner’s manual to identify if your AC unit has the button or not. Yes, not all units have reset buttons!

How To Reset Ac Unit

After you find the reset button, resetting an ac unit is so easy. Press and hold the reset button for 3 seconds, and release it. That’s it, you’ve reset your air conditioner. It was that easy.

If your Air Conditioner don not have reset button, you’ll have to perform the manual process on how to reset AC unit.

How To Reset Ac Unit If There’s No Reset Button?

Since there are lot of AC brands and models, as the state above some have reset button and some don’t. If your air conditioning unit doesn’t have a reset button, you still have the option to reset it manually. Resetting ans AC unit manually requires more time and attention.

Follow these steps to manually reset your AC properly and safely and get your comfort back.

Turn OFF Your AC

You’ll need to turn off your air conditioner before you can reset it. Get your thermostat and set it to off position. It must be in the off position before you go for the next steps.

Reset The AC Circuit Breaker

Once your thermostat is turned off, it’s time to cut off the electricity to your entire air conditioning system. Find the AC electrical panel box, and look for the circuit breaker. To reset the AC circuit breaker, turn it OFF then turn in ON again.

The circuit breaker is a necessary element of an AC system. It stops current from flowing to your AC unit when power surges suddenly. The circuit breaker will tripped due to a power surge.

Most circuit breakers can be found in a room that is set away from the main areas. It might be in a closet, basement, garage or laundry room. In some property, the box is located outside the house.

Wait for 30 minutes. You’ll need to give it a solid 30 minutes before you turn on the thermostat. While it might seem time consuming, it’s important not to do anything for 30 minutes after resetting the circuit breaker. This time allows for your air conditioning system to reset internally.

Turn On the Thermostat

After 30 minutes, turn on the thermostat and set it to cool. check the temperature setting, it must be at least 5 degrees below the room temperature. The thermostat will now notify the AC unit to start cooling your room.

If the process on how to reset AC unit working properly, this means your air conditioning system didn’t have any damage due to the power outage.

If the breaker trips soon after you reset it or tripping frequently, this is a problem that needs immediate attention. You’ll need a professional to troubleshoot the issue.


Knowing how to reset AC unit is pretty easy, but doing it too frequently may indicate there’s a bigger problem in you system. You can do more damage to the system with often reset. There are some situations that you should not attempt to fix yourself and should call a professional. For example, if the circuit breaker keeps tripping or if there is an exposed wire.

It’s important to keep your AC unit maintained by a professional regularly to avoid more serious problems. Hopefully, these DIY AC troubleshooting tips will be helpful on how to reset AC unit. If you have any questions regarding AC troubleshooting or you are still having problems with the steps above, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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