How to Read RHEEM Model Numbers

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How to Read RHEEM Model Numbers

RHEEM HVAC model number lookup is used to determine the correct replacement part when needed. A model number consists of several important pieces of information associated with the unit. Read on to know more on how to decode the RHEEM model number, identify the size of the unit, and so on.

RHEEM Model Number Location

You can find the model (and serial) number on a data plate. On the RHEEM furnace, the data plate is located inside the furnace. On the RHEEM air conditioner or heat pump, the model number is printed above the refrigerant valves on the unit’s backside.

What size is my RHEEM air conditioner and heat pump?

The size or tonnage is coded into the model number. To identify the tonnage of your RHEEM air conditioner or heat pump, you can read the model number.

Look for those elusive two digits in the model number. The size is usually divided by 24, 36, 42, or 60. This number represents the nominal BTU of the system in thousands.

The number to remember is 12,000 BTU’s or, more simply, 12. If 12,000 BTU’s is equal to 1 (one) ton of AC, then 18,000 is equal to 1.5 tons, and 24,000 is equal to 2 tons, and so on.

How to read RHEEM furnace model number?

All manufacturers have a similar style for their furnace model numbers. The table below will show the RHEEM furnace model number nomenclature and explain each digit’s letters/numbers.

R Brand
R = Rheem
U = Ruud
G Fuel Type G = Natural
T Condensing
T = Downflow/Horizontal
R = Upflow
M = Upflow Modulating
J Design Series J = Classic 90
A = Classic 90 Plus
D = Classic 90 Plus Modulating
07 Heating
04 = 45
06 = 60
07 = 75
09 = 90
10 = 105
12 = 120
E Ignition
E = Electric Ignition
N = Electric Ignition – (Low NOx)
M Blower
M = 11×7
R = 11×10
Z = 12×11
Y = 12×7
AVariationsA = Standard
B= Wide Cabinet
C = Single/Multi Zone
E = 1100-1300
G = 1500-1700
J = 1900-2100
K = 600-1200
M = 1200-2000
SNatural Gas
Fuel Code
S = US
B = Canada

RHEEM Model Number Examples

rheem model number nomenclature

Example Rheem Heat Pump Model Number: RP1848FC1NA

  • Brands: R = RHEEM
  • Product Category: P = Heat Pump
  • Nominal SEER: 18 = 18 SEER rating
  • Cooling Capacity: 48 = 48,000 BTUh 4 Tons
  • Revision: F = Revision Or Series
  • Voltage: C = 208/230-3-60
  • Type: 1 = Single-stage
  • Controls: N = Non-Communicating
  • Revision: A = Revision Or Series

Example Rheem Older Model Number:  RCBA-3765G

  • R = RHEEM
  • C = Coil
  • B = Type of Coil (Flowcheck Standard Cooling/Heat Pump)
  • A = Design Series
  • 37 = Nominal Capacity (36/37 = 30,000 To 36,000 BTUH)


Knowing the model number of your RHEEM HVAC is important when it comes to servicing and repairing your unit. You will need these numbers in order to find the correct replacement parts.

You can use the above RHEEM model number lookup for RUUD also as the two brands are the same. If you have any issues with finding the RHEEM/RUUD model number or determining the tonnage of your unit, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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