How to Identify Your RHEEM Furnace Age by Serial Number

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In order to determine your RHEEM furnace age, all you need is the serial number. On some models, the year of the manucture is simply listed as manufacture date on the data plate. Most often Rheem uses some codes in their serial numbers to identify the furnace age and other pieces of information.

Rheem furnace are known for being of top quality. The Company has developed many gas furnace series in the past few years competing with the other established companies in HVAC industry. Rheem furnaces offer many features, that makes them the best choice for many home owners who looking for new furnace or replacement.

The Benefits of Knowing RHEEM Furnace Age

There are a handful of benefits in knowing how to decode your furnace system’s serial number. Most furnace units today have an effective life expectancy somewhere between 15 to 20 years, so knowing its age is helpful in determining wether to repair or replace. If your Rheem furnace age is approaching that range, you might want to reconsider for replacement.

Knowing your Rheem furnace age is also important when it comes to connecting it to other HVAC system. Some home owners does not know that if they think of to add a new heating and cooling system, the existing furnace system has to be compatible with the new system.

Location of RHEEM Furnace Serial Number

Finding the RHEEM furnace serial number may require a bit of work. The serial number is determined by a “Serial Number” which is located on the furnace metal tag or rating plate. On Rheem gas furnace, this tag is located on the inside of cabinet near the main panel.

Accessing the serial number may requires remove and set aside your furnace’s front door.

Once you’ve located your Rheem furnace’s serial number, it’s time to know just how old your Rheem furnace really is.

How to Determine RHEEM Furnace Age

The RHEEM furnace age is encoded into the serial number. The company accomplish this in different ways and changed the way perform it over the years. Most new Rheem furnace systems use two serial number styles to determine the manufacture date.

Below are most likely typical Rheem serial numbers and how to encode the year they where manufactured.

Serial Number Style 1

Starts with a letter followed by numbers. The date of manufacture is coded in the 4 numbers following the letter in serial number. This 4 numbers represent the week and year of production. The letter represent the factory location.

Rheem Serial Number: #N-0121-12345 this tell that the Rheem Furnace was manufactured in January of 2021, and factory location is in Mexico.

Serial Number Style 2

Follows the letter in the middle of the serial number. The date of manufacture is coded in the 4 numbers following the letter in middle of serial number. This 4 number represent the week and year of production.

Rheem Serial Number: #CB5D302-M-0999 this tell that the Rheem Furnace was manufactured in March of 1999, and factory location is in Milligeville, GA.

Thats all information about how to identify your RHEEM furnace age by serial number. If you have any issues with finding Rheem serial number nomenclature or how to decode it, contact the HVAC professionals. They would be pleased to help you get the information you need and make sure you get the right advise for your HVAC system.

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