Goodman AC Reset Button – Location & How to Reset

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Goodman Ac Unit Reset Button

Knowing your Goodman Ac Unit Reset Button location will gives you an easy way to reboot the system if the unit having trouble. Goodman air conditioning units just like any other ac unit, will have a reset button on them. The Air Conditioner reset button is usually a red rubber button and somewhat small in size. It should be marked clearly as a “reset button“.

Another reason you may want to reset your Goodman AC unit is a power outage problem. Your Air Conditioner may not fully kick on due to the protection circuit breaker preventing fires and explosions.

As HVAC manufacturer that has a good reputation, Goodman providing Air Conditioner systems that are high quality and simple to operate. If your air conditioner does not work out, the first thing you have to do is checking any fuses or circuit breakers.

In most cases, a quick system reset is usually all it needs to get your AC to perform normally again. Let your Goodman AC unit cool down for about five minutes before resetting any breakers.

However, there are some cases where resetting the unit will not work. If you have tried resetting the unit and it is still not working, then you may need to call a professional for help.

Here are some reasons why resetting your Goodman AC unit may not work:

  • The unit may have a more serious problem that requires professional repair.
  • The reset button may be stuck or damaged.
  • There may be a power outage or other problem with the electrical system.

Where’s the Goodman Ac Unit Reset Button location?

goodman outdoor ac unit reset button

The reset button on a Goodman air conditioner unit should be on the outdoor ac unit close to where the tubing is welded on the unit. This is a high pressure switch that trips if the unit gets hot , so be sure and check the coil for dirt , etc.

How to Reset a Goodman Air Conditioner?

Let’s walk through the process, step by step. Remember, patience is key here; give your AC system the time it needs to reset fully.

Step 1: Locate the Reset Button – The reset button is usually located on the outside unit of your Goodman AC system. It might be labeled as a “reset” or have a small button-like appearance. If you’re not sure, consult your AC unit’s manual or look for a diagram online.

Step 2: Turn Off the AC – From your thermostat, turn off the AC system completely. This ensures a clean break in the system’s operation before the reset.

Step 3: Press the Reset Button – Press the reset button once and then wait. Give it about 30 seconds or so. During this time, the system is resetting itself, clearing out any temporary glitches.

Step 4: Turn the AC Back On – After waiting, turn the AC system back on using your thermostat. Allow it a few minutes to start up and stabilize.

Step 5: Monitor the Performance – Keep an eye on your AC’s performance over the next hour or so. If the reset was successful, your AC should be back to its usual efficient self, cooling your home as it should.

If the AC not turning on or doesn’t kick on, repeat this step.

If the Goodman air conditioner unit is still not working as it should, you may have an issue with your power supply, or your filter may be dirty.

If your air conditioner continues tripping the circuit breaker or is slow to generate the cool air, you probably have a whole lot more critical problems. This could be a loose connections or exposed wires inside the air conditioning system that cause power surges and AC reset button keeps tripping. These conditions create safety risks for resetting, over time, may harm your Goodman air conditioning unit.

What if your unit doesn’t have a reset button?

Some Air Conditioner units do not have a reset button, in this case you’ll have to reset the system manually. The reason behind not having a reset button is because people like to push them, repeatedly. It should be called a kill switch.

Here’s how to reset Goodman air conditioner manually:

  1. Find the power shut off near your outdoor compressor unit and flip it from on to off.
  2. Next, you’ll need to find the circuit breaker. This is located in the main electrical panel inside your home. Switch this circuit to off.
  3. Just to ensure all power is removed from your unit, unplug it from the power supply board.
  4. Leave it unplugged and switched off for at least 15 – 30 minutes. Make sure your unit is set to cool and plug the unit back into the power supply.
  5. Switch the circuit back on and do the same to the power shut off near the compressor outside.

There are some situations that you should not attempt to fix you Air Conditioner by yourself. In these cases, you should call a professional!

When to Seek Professional Help?

While the reset button can work wonders for minor disruptions, it’s essential to recognize its limitations. If you find yourself needing to reset your AC frequently, or if you notice strange noises, leaks, or other persistent issues, it’s time to call in the professionals.

Regular AC maintenance is crucial for ensuring your system’s longevity and efficient performance. A qualified technician can identify underlying issues, perform necessary repairs, and provide preventive maintenance that can save you from costly breakdowns in the future.

Resetting your Goodman AC unit is often the solution to fix the problem you’re experiencing. It’s an easy fix once you get the hang of it. However, if you notice that your AC unit needs to be restarted frequently, it may be time for a professional to get to the root of the problem.

There may be an AC problems that is best left to HVAC technicians, to preserve not only your safety, but also the functionality of your Goodman air conditioning unit. HVAC technicians will inspects your heating and cooling system from top to bottom and looks for any signs of malfunction.

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