Trane XR16 Air Conditioner Specification and Reviews

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Trane XR16 Specifications & Reviews

We’re going to talk about the Trane XR16 series home central air conditioner system. Trane XR series is a step above the XB series, they have a sleeker design they got a little bit more bells and whistles to them. XR16 series comes with the reliability you have come to expect from Trane and the energy efficiency for your home. Trane XR16 air conditioner will ensures that your family has superior comfort all year.

Trane XR16 Air Conditioner has a SEER rating of up to 17, making it an excellent choice for home comfort. SEER rating stands for “seasonal energy efficiency ratio”, basically the higher the seer rating the more efficient the air conditioner will be and the less power it will consume. Thus giving Trane Air Conditioner unit a lower monthly costs compared to other air conditioner brands.

Trane XR16 Features

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Trane XR16 Air Conditioner comes with a precision balanced direct drive fan, that is designed to provide quieter operation and longer product life. This unit features a side discharge, making it ideal for difficult-to-install applications or in tight space requirements where vertical discharge units prove less than optimal. Trane XR16 is ideal for applications on rooftops, under decks or anywhere else in your home space constraints make vertical discharge units impractical.

  • Single Stage Climatuff® compressor.
  • Spine Fin™ outdoor coil that help enhance airflow and heat transfer. They resist leaks and corrosion better than the typical copper coils.
  • Upgraded fan motor.
  • Full-Side louvered panels protect your investment.
  • Corrosion-resistant Weatherguard™ fasteners that are Zinc coated for longer life.
  • Unique DuraTuff™ non-corrosive base pan that doesn’t crack, corrode, rust or warp.
  • Quick-Sess cabinet with full coil protection.
  • Sound insulator on the compressor.
  • Seer rating up to 17.
  • Comes in 2 – 5 ton capacity.

XR16 Central Air Systems (R-410A refrigerant)


XR16 Central Air Conditioning Systems


The XR16 models are Trane’s most affordable air conditioners. All models are certified Energy Star with efficiencies of 17 SEER.

Trane XR16 Cost

These are current Trane XR16 air conditioner price with installation and estimate monthly cost. More information about the XR16 price, you can find here.

ModelPrice (With Installation)Monthly Cost (based on 2.5 ton AC)
Trane XR16$4,000 – $6,400~$689

Trane XR16 Warranty

All Trane XR16 Air Conditioner features a 10-year registered limited warranty on the compressor, outdoor coil and all other internal functional parts. As for the compressor, coil and all other internal functional parts, they give a five year warranty.

You need to registered the unit 60 days after installation in order to claim the warranty. Trane model numbers and serial numbers are needed to register warranty. Use our guide to look up your Trane serial number and model number.


Trane Air Conditioner are known for their superior quality. Like most other AC brands they only function perfectly when installed properly. Trane has one of the highest quality ratings, due to using factory trained and qualified contractors to install all their equipment. Trane contractors have the Comfort Specialist Certification®, which meets or exceeds the highest standards when it comes to installation, service and repair.

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