Trane XR16 Low Profile Air Conditioner Specs and Reviews

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Trane XR16 Low Profile Specifications & Reviews

Today we are going to give a clear reviews about the new Trane XR16 Low Profile home air conditioner system. This unit has unique design, a side discharge condenser there are different with the Trane XR16 traditional square compressor. The XR16 Low Profile has a SEER rating of up to 17.00. The design side discharge home air conditioning unit gives you the reliability and the SEER rating gives energy efficiency you deserve.

The Trane XR16 Low Profile benefits that come with certain condensers one of the reasons that we went with this condenser at this location is specifically because it is narrower. When we take the tape out and we measure this thing we’re only 17.5 inches wide where our traditional condenser can be anywhere from 30 up to 38 inches wide.

So when you take that and go like this there’s a huge difference there. When we’re working in a confined area, this condenser makes a whole lot of sense.

Now a lot of air conditioning companies don’t make these side discharge or low profile condensers. This is newer to Trane and we’re really excited about rolling this out. I don’t know if you can hear the xr16 noise, but it’s actually on it’s very remarkably quiet just as if not quieter than a traditional condenser.

Trane XR16 Low Profile Unique Features

The unique features of Trane XR16 Low Profile is, it has the climate tough compressor inside of it. Another feature that is very unique to XR16 Low Profile is the powder coating. The high durability powder coating and one of the things that Trane does is they actually cut their metal and then they paint it.

Where a lot of companies will have a piece of sheet metal painted then when they cut it you have the edges that are no longer protected. Trane does it the way it should be done they cut it, they paint it. You have no loose edges you have no areas that are going to get corrosion. Even the fasteners even the screws have been powder-coated so they don’t corrode.

Trane XR16 Low Profile Specs

ModelCooling Capacity (Btuh)Nominal TonsWeightHeight (In.)Width (In.)Depth (In.)

More specification includes:

  • Small footprint for tight spaces
  • Climatuff™ Compressor
  • Duratuff™ Plate Fin coil
  • Weatherguard™ Zinc Coasted Fasteners
  • Integrated fan system with leading edge swept blade design
  • Super Durable Power-Paint finish
  • Assembled in U.S.A.

Trane XR16 Reviews & Warranty

Trane are considered as premium brands, and consistently get positive feedback from clients, and online reviews. Most people are satisfied with the Trane XR16 Low Profile Air Conditioner system performance nationwide. With 10-year parts and compressor warranties (only if you registered), hail protection coil guards, and top quality engineered and built.

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