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Trane XE1200 Specifications & Reviews

The Trane XE1200 have been around for a while now. The specs to be at the higher end of efficiency back when the minimum legal installation was 12-SEER. That said, and painting with a very broad brush, I would begin to question the wisdom of investing in a large repair bill on a unit that is more than 10-years of age.

Consider that many manufacturers are currently allowing 10-years of internal parts warranties on their equipment and therefore, anything that fails in less than 10-years is a premature failure. This article is about Trane XE1200 Specs and Reviews. 

The Trane XE 1200 is a discontinued Trane air conditioner. It has three-phase heat pump with an efficiency of 12.00 SEER and 8.00 HSPF. This unit has ranged in size from 1.5 to 5 tons and featured a single-stage Climatuff compressor and spine fin aluminum coils. The cabinet was constructed of full-side louvered panels with a baked-on powder paint finish and corrosion-resistant screws.

Trane XE1200 is now 1-SEER below the minimum efficiency rating allowed for new installations. So again, I’d plan on 15+ years but would think twice or three times before investing any significant money in the system once it reaches 10-years. That’s IMO and of course, you’re free to do as you choose. Just trying to give some reasonable perspective.

Trane XE1200 Specs

Lowers Utility Bills

  • 12.00 SEER Range on TTP Air Conditioner
  • 12.00 SEER Range and 8.00 HSPF on TWP Heat Pump

Lasts a Long Time

  • Climatuff® Compressor
  • Full-Side Louvered Panels
  • Baked-On Powder Paint
  • Corrosion-Resistant Screws
  • Torture Tested
  • Spine FinTM Coils

Trane XE1200 Air Conditioner Models


Trane XE1200 Heat Pumps Models


Trane XE1200 Warranty

With this Trane XE1200 air conditioner, you will enjoy top quality and high-efficiency cooling system all at a affordable price.

Backed by Trane’s Industry Leading Limited Warranty

  • Ten-Year Limited Warranty on Compressor and Outdoor Coil if installed on or after October 1, 2001 and manufactured on or after January 1, 2000. Earlier installations have Five-Year Compressor and Coil Limited Warranty
  • Five-Year Limited Warranty on Internal Functional Parts
  • Five-year Internal Functional Parts Limited Warranty is effective on Units installed after October 1, 2001 and manufactured January 1, 2000 or after. Earlier installations have One-Year Warranty
  • Optional Extended Warranties Available. Extended Warranties cover Labor, Refrigerant and Other Costs not covered by Manufacturers Limited Warranty
  • Ask Your Dealer for Full Warranty Information at time of purchase

Potential energy savings of Trane xe1200 may vary depending on your personal lifestyle, system settings, equipment maintenance, local climate, actual construction and installation of equipment and duct system.

Trane Air Conditioner Replacement

You may consider to replace your old Trane XE1200 units due to its age, because repairs are likely to be more frequent. A newer more efficient model can lower your utility bills and cut down on the repairs you’ll need. It means, saving money in the long run!

When to Replace

Product TypeProduct AgeEfficiency Rating
Air conditioner10 years or older10 SEER or less
Furnace15 years or older80% AFUE or less
Heat Pump10 years or older10 SEER  | 8 HSPF or less

Trane Air Conditioner Price

Trane XR14$3,000-5,000
Trane XR16$4,000-6,500
Trane XL16i$4,000-6,000
Trane XR17$4,500-7,500
Trane XL18i$5,500-9,000
Trane XV18$7,000-11,000
Trane XV20i$8,000-13,000

Trane XE1200 Consumer Review

Here are some reviews from my client about Trane XE1200:

I have purchased trane xe 1200 – 4 ton units with variable speed air handler. The compressor just went out on one of the units this week. I’m disappointed since I expected better performance from a Trane based on their reputation. I didn’t realize the compressor was on the blink until we got our Jan electric bill. What a surprise. The unit was not shutting off and the heat strips we’re on all the time. Not sure whether I’ll replace this unit with Trane xe1000. I think it should have lasted more than 7 years especially given the price of the unit.

It looks good, it’s quiet and it works. Very pleased with the unit.

To make sure you get an honest estimate and a recommendation you can trust, talk to your local HVAC dealer. Always choose a good HVAC contractor, it’s important that your new Trane air conditioner is installed by someone that does a professional job.

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