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Luxaire Model Number

Luxaire model numbers always makes it difficult for everyone, especially when it’s come to old units. Therefore, here I will try to explain in detail about the luxaire furnace model number and everything related to it. Read on to know more about how to identify the model, size, seer rating and so on.

What makes the Luxaire Furnace Model Number so difficult to understand? The answer is because this company has been in acquisitions several times in the last few decades.

Luxaire Founded in 1939, purchased by Westinghouse in 1955, was purchased by York in 1981. York, formerly a dvision of Borg-Warner, York International is now spun off. York also makes Fraser-Johnson, Luxaire, Moncrief, Winchester, Coleman-Evcon, AirPro, Red T. Also known in the past as Central Environmenal Systems. York was purchased by Johnson Controls in 2005.

York himself, always changes the model number format used in their products. Thus, to find out how to read the Luxaire model number, we can look for references from the york model number. Because these two brands are the identical.

The problem is, it only applies to new Luxaire units. To read old Luxaire model number, sometime mistakes and misinterpretation are bound to happen, but the result won’t be much different.

Even though every HVAC brands has its own distinctive way of classifying a product they make, this article gives a general view on how to interpret the Luxaire furnace model numbers and letters.

What’s in Luxaire Model Number?

Luxaire model number nomenclature consist of several important information associated with the unit. If you want to know the unit’s size or tonnage the easy way is to lookup the model number. This series of numbers and letters can be found on the sticker or metal-plate of your unit.

Here is a sample from a Luxaire gas furnace that provides an example of what each of the numbers and letters represent.

Luxaire Furnace Model #GSU137FF

Most Luxaire model numbers begin with letter(s) to represent the series or type. Consider the G in this model number as a code for a type of similar unit. These letter(s) to group unit into categories such as air conditioners, heat pumps, furnaces or air handlers.

The most important is to know the unit size. We can determine the nominal size of Luxaire furnace system by examining the model number.

Tonnage is a measure of BTU’s in 12,000 BTU increments. For example a 1 ton system would have 12,000 BTU’s. A 2.5 ton system would have 30,000 BTU’s.

From the Luxaire furnace model number above, with the effeciency rating (AFUE) 80%. We can divide the output capacity 110,000 by the input capacity 137,000 and that will give the furnace effeciency.

The example above is just for the gas furnace unit. Reference about Luxaire AC model number can be seen here. There are much more data included in the Luxaire model numbers. The components and features represented vary from one models to another.

If you have any issues with finding your Luxaire model numbers or determining what its size, don’t hesitate to contact us. Email us information or pictures of data/nomenclature plates of the unit and we will attempt to assist you in your determinations

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