York Model Number Lookup

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York Model Number Lookup

Finding out the tonnage or size of the York HVAC system is very important and detrimental to the proper operational status of the entire system. York Air Conditioners has lots of different sizes and models under their company logo. If you need to look at the nominal capacity, it would be great to know how to decode the York model number.

York model number consists of several important information associated with the unit. If you need to know the York air conditioner size or tonnage, look up the model number. If you need to know the SEER rating of your York unit, look at the model number. York model number nomenclature also explains the compressor stage, the refrigerant used, voltage, and more.

York Model Number Location

The York model and serial number can be found on the data plate of your unit. This is generally located slightly above the unit on the back side of the condenser unit.

How to do it effectively:

  • Ensure the unit is powered off for safety.
  • Start by examining the sides of the HVAC unit. Manufacturers often place labels where they are easily visible, like the front or right side.
  • Look for a white or silver sticker. It’ll typically contain multiple numbers: serial number, model number, and sometimes manufacturing date.
  • The model number is usually preceded by “Model No:” or something similar.
  • Make a note of it in a safe place (like a home maintenance journal) so you won’t need to physically inspect it every time.

You can also find the York model number by looking in the user’s manuals or any other book that came after installation. The user manual is a booklet or guide provided by the manufacturer that accompanies your York HVAC unit upon purchase. It contains essential details, including operational guidance, safety instructions, and, importantly, the model number.

If you still have the user manual that came with your unit, the model number will be on the front or inside the first few pages.

How to Decode York Model Number

Model numbers is usually made up of numbers or a combination of letters and numbers. Each segment of the model number holds specific information, making it easier for technicians and homeowners to understand the system’s size, series, capabilities, and more.

Your York model number tag may look similar to the sample model number lookup shown below.

York Model Number

Let’s dive into the common components of a York model number and decode their meanings:

York Latitude & LX Model Number Nomenclature

Model Number Example: T C G D 36 S 2 1 S 1 A

  • T = Brand
  • C = Type (C is AC and H is Heat Pump)
  • G = Series Chassis
  • D = SEER rating
  • 36 = Tonnage
  • S = Compressor (Single Stage)
  • 2 = Refrigerant (R22)
  • 1 = Voltage (Single Phase)
  • S = Fit
  • 1 = Generation
  • A = Style Change

York Affinity Model Number Nomenclature

Model Number Example: C Z E 036 1 1 HW A

  • C = Type (C for AC, Y for Heat Pump)
  • Z = Refrigerant (Z = R410a , M = R22)
  • E = SEER rating ( B = 13 SEER, E = 15 SEER, H = 18 SEER)
  • 036 = Tonnage
  • 1 = Voltage
  • 1 = Generation
  • HW = Product Description
  • A = Style Change

York model numbers can appear complex, but they’re designed to convey a lot of information in a condensed format. Let’s break down another typical York model number for better understanding.

York YZE, Affinity, 15 SEER, R-410A and 036 is 3 Tons

042 is 3.5 ton 10 SEER up to 8.5 HSPF R22 Heat Pump

048 is 4 tons

How to Determine York Tonnage from Model Numbers

To determine York AC size from the model number, look at the two or three-digit number in the model number nomenclature.

First of all, the size of the York Air Conditioner unit is called a ton or tonnage. The unit of measure used in air conditioning to describe the cooling capacity of the AC system. One ton of cooling is based on the amount of heat needed to melt one ton (2000 lbs.) of ice in a 24-hour period. One ton of cooling is equal to 12,000 Btu/hr.

The number to remember is 12,000 BTU’s or more simply 12.  If 12,000 BTU’s is equal to 1 (one) ton of AC then 18,000 is equal to 1.5 tons and 24,000 is equal to 2 tons and so on.

18,0001,5 Tons
24,0002 Tons
30,0002,5 Tons
36,0003 Tons
42,0003,5 Tons
48,0004 Tons
60,0005 Tons

Here’s how you can determine the tonnage of your York unit from its model number:

Look for a two or three-digit number in the model number. This typically represents the capacity of the unit. For York systems, this number often appears in the middle of the model number.

  • If the model number contains “018,” it indicates a capacity of 18,000 BTUs (1.5 tons).
  • If the model number contains “024,” it represents 24,000 BTUs, which equals 2 tons.
  • A model number with “036” denotes 36,000 BTUs, or 3 tons.
  • “048” in the model number corresponds to 48,000 BTUs, or 4 tons.
  • If you see “060,” the unit has a capacity of 60,000 BTUs, translating to 5 tons.

Decoding a York model number might seem daunting initially, but with understanding and practice, it becomes easier. Remember, model numbers are constructed to convey as much information as possible in a concise manner. If in doubt, always refer to the manufacturer’s guide or contact a York representative for clarification.

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