Amana Furnace Problems – Error Codes & Troubleshooting Guide

If you’re looking for guide on how to fixing your Amana furnace problems, look no further! Our complete Amana furnace troubleshooting guide will explain the most common issues you may face. Here i will discuss a handful of guidelines for Amana furnace repair and how to read the error codes.

When your Amana gas furnace won’t work as it should to provide the heat, you will need to troubleshooting to exact the problem. This guide will provide you with some tips and solution with your Amana furnace problems.

Amana Furnace Troubleshooting Guide

The repair techniques for various amana furnace problems will be different from one to another depending on what types and models. This is the basics list of Amana furnace common problems:

Amana furnace doesn’t turn on

  • Check that the Amana thermostat is set correctly to HEAT. The mode could be off or set on cooling, or the set point might be higher than the indoor temperature. Try adjusting the temperature on the thermostat to be higher than the current room temperature.
  • Check the thermostat to ensure it is getting power. Those that aren’t hardwired into your home use batteries that may need to be replaced.
  • Check that the fan switch is turned ON.
  • Check the circuit breaker to ensure the furnace is still getting power.
  • Check the pilot light if you are using an older Amana furnace.
  • Check to ensure that the gas supply is still on.

Amana furnace doesn’t heat enough

Check the Amana furnace air filter. A clogged filter limits the amount of air that gets through.

Amana furnace turns off and on constantly

  • Check the thermostat setting.
  • Check the air filter.
  • Check to ensure room air vents are open and objects are not covering them.

Amana Furnace runs noisily

Whistling, rattling and a loud ignition sound in your Amana furnace are not usual. That sounds may indicate a mechanical Amana frunace problems, airflow reductions or a clogged burner. A clogged burner can delay ignition, which causes a loud noise when the Amana gas furnace ignites. This kind of Amana furnace repair requires an expert!

Amana Furnace Error Codes

1 LIGHT flash that stays on continuouslyNo signal from the thermostatTurn off the unit’s power and check connections
Single LIGHT flashFurnace lockout due to an excessive number of ignition retriesLocate and correct gas interruption. Reset by lowering it for 20 seconds and then raise it back, furnace will reset itself after one hour
2 LIGHT flashesDraft inducer is not operating or the pressure switch circuit has closedReplace the induced draft blower pressure switch, or repair the short
3 LIGHT flashesThe pressure switch is openPressure switch may need to be replaced
4 LIGHT flashesPressure issue. High limit cut-off due to faulty wiring or bad filtersReplace or clean the air filter; clean drain tubes of moisture or debris; may have an open limit switch that requires a jump, ensure not to run it with the main switch bypassed
5 LIGHT flashesThe unit is sensing a flame without a call for heatMight be the result of a slowly closing valve. Turn off the gas until the valve is fixed
6 LIGHT flashesFaulty flame sensorFlame sensor might be dirty or placed too far from flame. Clean if dirty, replace if defective
Continuous LIGHT flashingPolarity of volt power is reversedReview wiring diagram to correct polarity

When troubleshooting Amana furnace doesn’t solve your problems, do not hesitate to call an HVAC technician. It’s always a wise decision to have a professional take a look at your Amana furnace and recommend the best course of action.

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