Goodman Air Conditioner Model Number

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Goodman Air Conditioners Model Number

HVAC manufacturers often code their unit specifications into multiple-character model numbers. Goodman air conditioner model number is an example.In this article, I will explain in detail the Goodman model number, where the location is, and how to read the numbers.

The Goodman model number nomenclature and styles is vary between models. I will give an example of how to decode some styles of the model number and where it is located.

Where is the model number on a Goodman?

The Goodman model number can be found on a data tag located on the rating plate of your air conditioner, heat pump or furnace. Look at a slightly above the refrigerant valves on the back side of the A/C unit as show on the picture below.

goodman model number

The Goodman model number is made up of a series of letters and numbers that tell what kind of furnace it is.

Whenever you’re checking anything on your HVAC unit, safety is paramount. Always ensure the unit is powered off. If you’re opening compartments or removing panels, make sure you’re equipped with the right tools and protective gear.

The serial number is different from the model number. The Goodman serial number is a ten-digit code that tells us when the unit was made, what model it is, and a lot of the parts that went into making it. If you can’t get to the sticler plate, look for the model number in the instructions or other paperwork that came with the unit.

How do you read Goodman model numbers?

Goodman Air Conditioner model number is 12 digit code. If you decode the model number, you can figure out how many tons your Goodman HVAC system is.

Goodman Model Number Nomenclature

The model number includes the nominal cooling capacity in three digits beginning with zero. This three-digit number is the unit’s capacity measured in British Thermal Units.

For example, “048” indicates 48,000 BTUs. To calculate tonnage, divide the BTUs by 12,000, which is the weight of one refrigeration ton. For example, an unit with 48,000 BTUs has a tonnage of 4.

Example of Goodman Model Number


  • D = is for Brand (Goodman)
  • S = is for Product Category (Split System)
  • X = is for Unit Type (Condenser R410A)
  • C = is for Feature (ComfortNet)
  • 18 = is for Efficiency Rating (18 SEER)
  • 048 = is for Nominal Capacity (4 Tons)
  • 1 = is for Electrical
  • A = is for Major Changes
  • A = is for Minor Changes

How do you tell the tonnage of a Goodman model number?

Telling the tonnage of an HVAC unit from its model number is a common practice in the industry. With Goodman, as with many HVAC manufacturers, the tonnage of the unit is often indicated within the model number. Here’s how you can deduce the tonnage from a Goodman model number:

In the Goodman model number, there will usually be a sequence of numbers. Among these numbers, you’re looking for a two or three-digit number that typically indicates the unit’s capacity in BTUs (British Thermal Units).

British thermal units per hour are used to measure heating and cooling power. It is the amount of heat needed to make one pound of water one degree hotter. Tonnage is used to describe the cooling capacity of an air conditioner.

Every ton of cooling capacity is equivalent to 12,000 BTUs. Therefore:

  • A model number with “018” or “18” might indicate 18,000 BTUs or 1.5 tons.
  • A “024” or “24” is 24,000 BTUs, which is 2 tons.
  • A “030” or “30” is 30,000 BTUs, or 2.5 tons.
  • A “036” or “36” stands for 36,000 BTUs, which equates to 3 tons.
  • A “048” or “48” represents 48,000 BTUs or 4 tons.
  • A “060” or “60” is 60,000 BTUs, amounting to 5 tons.

However, always remember that while this method gives a general idea, there could be variations or updates in model numbers over the years. For the most accurate information, it’s always best to refer to Goodman’s official documentation or consult with a Goodman dealer or HVAC professional.

Whether you’re buying an air conditioner for the first time or want to replace your old one, the first thing you might look at is the tonnage. Most people find it hard to figure out the Goodman AC tonnage.

The Goodman model number is more than just a random collection of letters and numbers. It’s a comprehensive insight into your unit’s identity. Whether you’re making a call to customer service, ordering a replacement part, or just ensuring you’ve got the real deal, that model number is invaluable. So the next time you take a glance at your Goodman unit, give that sticker the appreciation it deserves.

We hope this article helps you understand finding AC tonnage from the model number. If you have any questions, comment below and we will respond as soon as possible!

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    • Goodman CPKJ30-1B condenser are 12 SEER.
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