Troubleshooting Ecobee Calibrating Heat & Cool Disabled

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Troubleshooting Ecobee Calibrating Heat & Cool Disabled

When your Ecobee thermostat says “calibrating heat and cool disabled,” the sensor is working on getting an accurate reading of the temperature in your home. This process happens after you’ve reset or restarted your thermostat, and the process takes 5-20 minutes. Let’s talk about this Ecobee calibrating heat & cool disabled and figure out what to do.

While Ecobee thermostat is calibrating, you can’t use your hHVAC system, which can be inconvenient. There are many reasons why Ecobee might keep calibrating. Below, we explain the causes and how to fix Ecobee from keeping showing the “calibrating heat & cool disabled” message.

Why is Ecobee calibrating heat & cool disabled?

As we’ve already said, you have nothing to worry about when you set your thermostat. Usually, it will check the temperature in your home, which shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes. Yes, it will turn off your home’s heat and air conditioning, but only for a short time.

If the check keeps coming up and your Ecobee doesn’t seem to be doing anything, that could be something wrong. So, we’ve listed the possible reasons why Ecobee’s message says “calibrating” and how to easily fix them.

Calibrating after Installation

When Ecobee is set up for the first time, it usually shows the message “calibrating.” This is because the thing is measuring the temperature of your house. It could take anywhere from 15 to 25 minutes, depending on how big the area is. In these situations, all you can do is be patient and wait for the device to finish calibrating. Once you’ve calibrated your air conditioner or heater, you can use it as needed.

But if it takes longer than 25 minutes, something is wrong with the device. It is best to unplug the device and look at all of the wirings. Make sure the wires are plugged into the right places. If you find a wrong connection between the wires, you should call an electrician. You can also get more help by calling Ecobee’s customer service.

If the wiring is all right, you can also fix the problem by taking the device apart and then putting it back together. Also, restart your Internet router. This could also help with adjusting.

Calibrating after Reboot

When you restart your Ecobee for any reason, all the options for restarting, programming, and setting up the device also restart and are set up again. This is what causes the “calibrating” message.

This Ecobee smart thermostat is designed to restart itself every so often. If the device keeps restarting, it means that the thermostat or another part of the HVAC system is broken. Change the furnace filter or clean the AC drain for easy fixes. Wires may be needed for repairs that are harder.

Calibrating After a Power Outage

Suppose the power goes out for any reason, like when a switch is turned off or because of bad weather or faulty wiring, the Ecobee re-calibrates itself. No matter what is going on, an Ecobee’s screen may go black, turn off, and then back on again, causing it to say “calibrating heat & cool disabled.” This is how an Ecobee will calibrate again every time it loses power.

Calibrating After Firmware Update

When Ecobee smart thermostat sends out regular firmware updates, you may need to re-calibrate. This process of recalibrating can take a little longer than usual. But if it’s been more than an hour, call Ecobee’s customer service for help.

Not Enough Power

You may also see the “calibrating heat & cool disabled” message if your Ecobee is having trouble keeping its power source. Ecobees need a 24VAC power source that is on all the time. If this is stopped, the system won’t work again until the power is back on. This makes the HVAC system stop working and shows the calibrating message.

Water Build-Up in AC

If water has built up in the air conditioner, it will slow down the device’s overall performance and take the Ecobee thermostat longer to calibrate. When this happens, you can fix the problem by cleaning the drains on your air conditioner.

We’ve already talked about how to clean the drains on your A/C. On the other hand, it can be easily fixed by unplugging the air conditioner for a few hours to make sure all the frozen water has melted. Once the water has melted, plug the air conditioner in to make sure everything is working.

Also, check the way your air conditioner drains. Make sure the drainage pipe isn’t bent. If it is, water won’t be able to get out of the air conditioner as well, which will cause it to fill up.

Outdated Firmware

Your Ecobee needs to be updated, or it will give you trouble. If the firmware is out of date, the process of calibration could take longer than usual.

Use the app on your phone to make sure the Ecobee thermostat is up to date. You can also check the device itself to see if there are any updates.

Also, make sure the device is connected to Wi-Fi so that automatic updates can happen. Also, if the internet connection isn’t stable, it will take longer than usual for the device to finish the calibration process.

Wire Problems

Ecobee needs a constant 24 volt AC power supply in order to work right. The R and C wires give power to the thermostat. These need to be connected correctly to the HVAC board or Ecobee Power Extender Kit and the back of the thermostat.

If the system keeps restarting, it could be because the wiring is loose, broken, or put in wrong.


It is normal for the Ecobee thermostat to show a message that says “calibrating heat & cool disabled.” But the calibration process doesn’t take more than 25 minutes. If it takes more than 20 to 25 minutes, the thermostat is probably broken. We’ve given you all of the possible causes and ways to fix the problem. We hope that our article is helpful to you.

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