Troubleshooting a Rheem Furnace Pressure Switch

Curious about how the Rheem furnace pressure switch works, and how to replace it? Read our guide so you can understand the importance of the furnace pressure switch, and find out how to replace it.

If your Rheem gas furnace is not working as it should be, perhaps it can be the furnace pressure switch that is causing the troubles. Let’s take a closer look at this furnace part; what it does, how it works, and what the purpose of it is. If your furnace pressure switch stuck open or fails to light, you might be able to fix it by yourself.

What is a Rheem Furnace Pressure Switch?

Rheem furnace pressure switch is an automatic safety precaution feature to ensure that gas doesn’t enter the furnace except if the harmful toxins inside the burner assembly can be exhausted. It shuts the furnace down if it senses negative pressure created by the draft inducer motor. Rheem high furnace pressure switch also guards against gas leaks and prevents the furnace from cycling if there’s a mechanical failure.

Rheem Furnace Pressure Switch

Furnace pressure switch is a unique parts to each Rheem furnace model like rheem criterion ii or rheem classic 90 plus. You should enter the Rheem furnace model and serial number to find the specific pressure switch you need.

What Does a Pressure Switch Do?

A pressure switch is a simple furnace part. Like all switches, it makes a connection so that power can pass through it. The furnace pressure switch does the same but with electricity. When the switch is closed, electrical currents occur going into the furnace.

Replacing a Rheem Furnace Pressure Switch

Rheem furnace pressure switch replacement is simple to perform. Most of Rheem gas furnaces wiring will be low in voltage. This means that the chance of you being shocked is low.

It’s important that you turn off the furnace power before starting this task.

Here’s how to replace a Rheem furnace pressure switch:

  1. To replace the pressure switch in your furnace first turn off the power to the furnace.
  2. Slide the upper access panel up to remove.
  3. Detach the vacuum tube from the old pressure switch. and disconnect the wires.
  4. Use a flat-head screwdriver to unthread the screws securing the pressure switch mounting bracket.
  5. Install the new pressure switch and bracket by positioning it on the frame.
  6. Thread the screws to secure.
  7. Connect the wires to the appropriate terminals on the new switch.
  8. Attach the vacuum tube.
  9. Replace the upper access panel.
  10. With the repair completed, turn the power back on and your furnace should be ready for use.

When adding a new Rheem furnace pressure switch you should confirm that the pressure rating matches the rating found on the old one.

Causes of a Furnace Pressure Switch Failures

Furnace pressure switch that fails to turn on could be caused by:

  • Failure of the draft inducer motor
  • Restricted intake air vent
  • Restricted combustion air vent
  • Leaks around assemblies
  • Clogged condensate drainage
  • Electrical failure of the pressure switch

Another cause would be your furnace pressure switch is that it’s getting old. The longer you have your furnace pressure switch, the more it becomes worn out.

Now you know the importance of a furnace pressure switch. Hopefully, you will have more understanding of how to fix it when it doesn’t turn on. If you don’t feel comfortable replacing your Rheem furnace pressure switch by yourself, or the furnace still gives you trouble, it’s time to call HVAC professionals. They will make sure the furnace pressure switch isn’t being triggered and troubleshoot other parts of your Rheem gas furnace to ensure safe and efficient operation.

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