Trane XV20i Installation Manuals Download

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Trane XV20i Installation Manuals

I am trying to find the both Trane XV20i Manual and Installation Guide.

Some manuals can be found if you used the model number of the unit and not the series. When contractor installing your AC system, they will have one Trane XV20i manual and should leave it for you.

This trane xv20i manual here is for some models below:

  • 4TTV0024A1000A
  • 4TTV0036B1000A
  • 4TTV0048A1000A
  • 4TTV0060A1000A
  • 4TTV0061A1000A

Trane XV20i Manual Mechanical Specificatios

Trane XV20i Manual Mechanical Specificatios

Trane XV20i Manual Sound Power Level

Trane XV20i Manual Sound Power Level

Trane XV20i Manual Wiring Diagram – D157619P04

Trane XV20i Manual Wiring Diagram

Trane XV20i Installer Guide

What’s include in this Trane XV20i Manual Installations? Here are list:

  • Unit Location Considerations found in page 5 & 6
  • Coastal Considerations found in page 7
  • Unit Preparation found in page 8
  • Setting Up the Unit found in page 8
  • Refrigerant Line Considerations found in page 9
  • Refrigerant Line Brazing found in page 12
  • Refrigerant Line Leak Check found in page 14
  • Refrigerant Line and Indoor Coil
  • Evacuation found in page 14
  • Charging: Weigh-In Method found in page 15
  • Service Valves found in page 16
  • Electrical — Low Voltage found in page 17
  • Electrical — High Voltage found in page 18
  • Integrated Variable Speed Control Board
  • LED Indicators found in page 19
  • Start Up found in page 20
  • System Charge Adjustment found in page 21
  • Subcool Charging Correction Charts found in page 22
  • Refrigerant Charging Chart found in page 22
  • Charging the Unit found in page 23
  • Communicating Display Assembly
  • (CDA) found in page 25
  • Defrost Control (Heat Pump only) found in page 26
  • Checkout Procedures found in page 27

I had found both the Trane XV20i manual products data and Installation Procedure, and you can have for free.

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