Trane XR12 – Everything You Need to Know

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Trane XR12 - Everything You Need to Know

Do you still have Trane XR12 split-system air conditioner or heat pump installed in your home? Are you having problems with your current system or are you planning to replace with a new and more efficient Trane HVAC unit? Find all the answers to your questions about the Trane XR12 in this post.

The Trane XR12 air conditioners and heat pumps are discontinued models and no longer available on the market. Even though it is an old unit, the XR12 is a high-efficiency units with up to 13 SEER (for air conditioner) and and 9.5 HSPF (for heat pump) rating. The model number begins with a #2TTR or #4TTR is AC model and for heat pump the model number begins with  a #2TWR or #4TWR.

Trane XR12 Specs

The unit sizes are vary from 1.5 to 5 tons, with cooling capacities between 18,000 and 60,000 BTU/H. This series are also come with 2 refrigerant options; R410A and R22. If you are still using the unit with R22 refrigerant, you should consider for replacement.

Features and Warranty

In addition to the specifications mentioned above, the Trane XR12 is also equipped with various excellent features and warranty. Some of them are:

  • Climatuff® compressor with full-side louvered panels
  • Full-side louvered panels finished with baked-on powder paint
  • Corrosion-resistant WeatherGuard fasteners
  • Torture-tested spine fin outdoor coil

The XR12 is come with a 10-year limited warranty on the compressor and outdoor coil and 5-year limited warranty coverage on ather parts.

Trane XR12 Models

The Trane XR12 are available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity. The nominal tonnage is 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5 or 5.0. The nominal cooling capacity (BTUHs) is 18,000, 24,000, 30,000, 36,000, 42,000, 48,000 or 60,000.

ModelSEERBTUs per Hour

Trane XR12 Common Problems

If your Trane XR12 is having problems, the following troubleshooting guides might help you solve the problem you are facing.

No air movement or air blowing from trane xr12.
The air handler might not be working because of a blown fuse or open circuit breaker. Reset the circuit breaker or replace the burned-out fuse. You should also check return grills for blockages that could keep air from circulating freely in the system.

Trane xr12 air conditioner constantly running.
The thermostat could be set too high. Reset your thermostat by turning it on and off, then adjust the temperature to a comfortable level.

Trane XR12 is not heating or cooling properly.
The problem could be the thermostat settings. Make sure your thermostat is set to correctly. Try setting the temperature 2 to 4 degrees above room temperature. If you’re troubleshooting the cooling mode, follow the same steps but set the temperature below room temperature instead.

Trane XR12 fan is not running.
It could be a bad fuse or you might have flipped a breaker. Try replacing the fuse or flipping the circuit breaker to the closed position. Your heat pump may also have old or worn-out wiring.

No air flow from Trane XR12.
Your filters could need replacing. Sometimes when filters get too dirty, they can reduce airflow. Replace any dirty filters. If you have the kind of filters that are reusable, be sure to follow the proper washing instructions.

Trane XR12 air conditioner blowing cold air.

  • Your outdoor cooling coil may be clogged or blocked – Debris can easily stick to the inlet side of the cooling coil in your unit. Be sure to clear away any tall grass, sticks, or leaves that may be surrounding your outdoor unit.
  • Your indoor air handler coil could be blocked – Ordinary house dust and debris like soot or pollen can block indoor air handler coils. For your indoor air handler, try to wipe away any buildup of dust on the coil and change the air filter often.
  • Your filters may be clogged or dirty – Clean or replace the filters..
  • Your thermostat controls may be set incorrectly – Try turning the thermostat off and then on again. Reset to the desired temperature and see if that helps.

Trane XR12 is an old unit and you will often encounter problems with it. If your system is having problems, it’s highly recommend contacting an HVAC technician immediately. You may also have to consider replacing the Trane XR12 with a new XR14. Get free quotes from professional HVAC technician, whether you are planning to repair or replace.

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