How Much Does a Trane AC Unit Replacement Cost

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How Much Does a Trane AC Unit Replacement Cost

New Trane AC units are more powerful and more energy efficient than the earlier models. And they offer much more cost value by helping to lower energy bills each month.

Trane AC cost has diverse option choices for homeowners and businesses. The Trane company also has tiered price and options for many of their products. Customers can choose a basic central A/C system for their home that’s relatively efficient and affordable, or they can opt for more expensive Trane AC units which are more features and more energy efficient.

Why Choose Trane?

Trane air conditioners has consistently rank above average in consumer satisfaction and dependability.

There are two reasons for this. The Quality and Warranty!

Trane is choosy about who installs its equipment. A few brands use cheaper internal components from the open pool of parts suppliers in some of their AC to keep cost down. Trane has it’s own parts testing facility and engineers to design and build many of its own parts in house.

AC Installation is the most important parts in an air conditioner. If it is installed properly, it will likely run efficiently and durably. Trane only allows certified installers to sell and install its equipment.

Trane AC is built to last, that’s why most HVAC technicians are confident putting it into a customer’s home. The equipment is highly rated by Consumer Reviews as well.

If you register the Trane warranty within 60 days of the installation you’ll get cover for most issues that you encounter within the unit during the first 10 years. Trane warranty is also transferable to a other customer or homeowner.

Trane Replacement Cost

The cost to replace a Trane air conditioner is varies depending on the size of your home and the difficulty of the project. It can cost as much as $15,000 to replace an old Trane Air Conditioner unit. The final price depends on which unit you choose, the cost of installation and additional items such as ductwork repair.

If your Trane AC is fairly new, you may rather pay the cost to repair your air conditioning unit. Mostly it only cost about $350 on an AC repairs.

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