How to Replace Trane XR11 Capacitor?

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Trane XR11 Capacitor

The problem that is often encountered in the trane xr11 is the capacitor. This is a problem that is most often complained about by HVAC consumers. So what I want to show you here is how to trace the most common problem with this Trane XR11 before you call a technician guy.

Symptoms of a Bad Trane XR11 Capacitor

Trane xr11 capacitor could be damaged by heavy power surges or simply wear out and lose their capability to save a charge. Whenever a start or function capacitor begins to fail, the following symptoms might occur.

If a capacitor dies totally, the air conditioning equipment motor will try to come on but could make a sound instead of fully starting up. As a capacitor begins to wear out, it could make an audible clicking sound within the cabinet. If you hear this, replace the capacitor promptly, as the engine itself could burn up if the capacitor fails to begin the motor.

If the capacitor mounted on the compressor starts to weaken, it could cause a hard starting condition. You air conditioner will struggles to turn on but then shuts down again almost immediately. Replace the capacitator promptly, because this situation puts a huge pressure on the compressor and other areas of the Trane HVAC system.

How exactly to replace Trane XR11 Capacitor

Replacing a Trane xr11 capacitor part isn’t hard and can be achieved with simple tools. It’s significant to remember that capacitors are created to store electrical current, and so there is a threat of shock if you touch one or make an effort to disconnect it without first discharging any current it really is storing. Keep in mind that operating with electricity is a hazardous and potentially life-terrifying job. If you don’t feel confident or do not fully understand of what to do, you had better call a professional.

Step by Step:

  • Turn OFF the Power
  • Remove the Access Panel
  • Discharge the Capacitor and Label the Wires
  • Install a New Capacitor
  • Turn Power ON and Test

Trane XR11 Capacitor Replacement Cost

To have a technician make a service call to replace a trane xr11 capacitor may cost you $300 to $500 or more. The capacitor part itself costs only $10 to $50. Replacing trane xr11 capacitor by yourself are giving obvious advantages except if your trane xr11 under warranty. And while many air conditioner problems should be handled only by a pro, this is one you really can do yourself.


  • AC parts and capacitors can contain high voltage. Observe all safety precautions. If you do not feel comfortable working with electrical devices, call your local HVAC professional.
  • Do not begin any work until you have turned off the power to the AC unit.
  • Capacitors may still hold a charge even after power has been turned off to the unit. Be sure to follow the steps to discharge the capacitor before handling.

Use a local expert HVAC contractor that will test and measure, not guess and/or only visually inspect, and you will really enjoy your new equipment. This is the best method for considering a planned Trane XR11 capacitor replacement. The right Trane parts can make the difference between a functioning your HVAC system.

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