Trane XL1200 Specs Review and Price

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Trane XL1200 Specifications & Reviews

Trane XL1200 is a split system home air conditioning and heat pump unit by Trane. It has efficiency of up to 13.90 SEER and 8.80 HSPF. The used to be at the higher end of efficiency back when the minimum legal installation was 10-SEER. But now, Trane XL1200 is 1 SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) below the minimum efficiency rating allowed for new installations.

Trane XL1200 was considered the top heat pump and air conditioning system in its era. The unit can boasting high energy efficiency with a quiet two-speed fan and a rugged steel exterior housing to protect the condenser and compressor. The exterior component is made with weatherproof technology to prevent rust. A special Weather Guard top prevented debris from entering the unit’s housing through its vents.

Trane XL1200 Specification

Trane XL1200 air conditioner is available in 7 models. The capacities of these models are between 1.5 tons to 5 tons. And for the heat pump, the capacity is identical to its capacity as an air conditioner.

  • Up to 14.00 SEER on TTX Air Conditioner
  • Up to 13.90 SEER and 8.80 HSPF on TWX Heat Pump
  • Climatuff® Compressor
  • Full-Side Louvered Panels
  • Weatherguard™ Top
  • Baked-On Powder Paint
  • Spine Fin™ Coil
  • Two-Speed Fan
  • Low-Resistance Airflow
  • Sound Insulator on Compressor

Trane XL1200 AIR CONDITIONER Wiring Chart Diagram


Trane XL1200 HEAT PUMP Wiring Chart Diagram


Trane XL1200 Warranty

The Trane XL 1200 came with a 10-year warranty backed by Trane (if registered).

  • Ten-Year Limited Warranty on compressor and outdoor coil.
  • Ten-Year Limited Warranty on internal functional parts on units installed after October 1, 2001 and manufactured after January 1, 2000. Earlier installations have two-year parts warranty.
  • If you have an indoor gas furnace, coil or air handler installed at the same time as an XL1200 outdoor condensing unit those units will be covered for 10 years on internal functional parts as part of the outdoor unit system warranty when installed after October 1, 2001. Earlier installations have one-year parts warranty.
  • Optional Extended Warranties available. Extended warranties cover labor, refrigerant and other costs not covered by Manufacturers Limited Warranty so you are covered for all parts and labor for the lifetime of the warranties.


Trane XL1200 is the best fit heat pump for home owner who want a good bang for their buck, as its units are easily affordable. Although nearly perfect for people in hotter environments, there are some other, more efficient alternatives that you can look into.

The lengthy and trustworthy parts and unit replacement warranty provideed by Trane, and the lifetime compressor warranty are the best in the market.

If you are looking to upgrade to Trane more efficient models from a relatively low SEER rated air conditioner or an older one, simply read our guide in this blog! If you’d like help finding experienced local HVAC contractors, we can help. There is no cost or obligation to you for using our Free Local Quotes that puts you in touch with three of the top HVAC contractor in your area.

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