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Trane Air Conditioners Warranty Lookup

Heater, air conditioners, furnaces and or humidifiers should all include their own warranties. In some cases there are going to be different coverage for varied parts of the models. The first place to search for details on your trane warranty lookup is your owner’s manuals. If you’ve lost those, usually you are able to find them online by searching the age model number of your Trane unit.

Trane used to run their warranty, but then they stopped around 2012 or 2013. They now use a third party warranty that is damn near worthless. In the end the company should take care of all issues (non maintenance related) for the 10 years and its that companies responsibility to deal with the 3rd party warranty company.

Trane Warranty Registration

Trane’s Registered Limited Warranty option is no longer available. Trane’s Base Limited Warranty is now a Limited Warranty since product registration is no longer required. That’s because all Trane units now automatically include the longest available Limited Warranty for that particular product.

By register the trane product units online helps to prevent a system from not being covered. It also allows the manufacturer to have a direct line of communication with you to inform you about purchasing an extended trane warranty that the dealer may not have let you know about.

For complete, detailed information on your specific products warranty coverage, please read below or visit Trane Warranty Registration page.

How to register and claim warranty for your Trane product?

Registering your trane products provides you any one of the most effective manufacturer’s limited warranties on parts offered. You will require the serial number, model number and installation date for every product getting registered.

You can register your trane warranty online by the link below:

This registering of warranties online is becoming the standard in the HVAC industry.

How to find out if my Trane is under warranty?

If you want to look for warranty information on a specific Trane product, you check them online. You will need to enter your serial number and it will give you trane warranty lookup details. You may also call a local distributor and they should be able to tell you.

How do I Transfer my Trane Warranty?

To keep the existing Trane limited warranty, the warranty must be transferred within 90 days of a home sale. You will need to contact trane customer service, and they will ask for the new homeowner’s information as well as a transfer fee.

For more details on trane warranty transfer, i have post it here.

Trane Warranty Covered & Terms

Trane Warranty terms vary depending on which Trane® product you purchase, but here is an overview of what is covered:

  • Air conditioners compressor, outdoor coil, internal functional parts
  • Heat pumps compressor, outdoor coil, internal functional parts
  • Furnace heat exchanger, internal functional parts
  • Coils internal functional parts
  • All-in-one Systems heat exchanger (where applicable), compressor, coil, internal functional parts
  • Air Handlers internal functional parts
  • Air Cleaners internal functional parts (excludes filters)
  • Humidifiers internal functional parts
  • Controls and Thermostats internal functional parts

Trane is one of the most recognized HVAC manufacturers. If you own a Trane heating or cooling product, we recommend register the trane warranty. That way, you can easily to find the Trane Warranty Lookup.

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