How to Identify Trane Furnace Age

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Furnace generally requires changing after 15 to 20 years, so it’s an important to determine your Trane Furnace Age. After that you have an understanding of what you could deal with in the future.

The big question home owner often have is: How old is my trane furnace?

If your furnace currently installed when you moved into your house, you may not have a proper picture of its manufacture date.

Luckily, it’s not hard to discover the age of trane furnace!

The best way is look for the data plate on your unit.

There is a small sticker or plate that includes all of the essential information you need to know about this specified unit. It contains ANSI rating, serial number, model number, and more. Remember that furnace serial number is not the same thing as the furnace model number!

Newer Trane Furnace may have a manufacturer’s date shown on the data plate. You will see a specific detail of the data plate that displays “manufactured in ..year”. But, the older Trane furnaces need a bit more searching by looking at the furnace serial number.

The good news is that the ANSI or ANS rating is present on all Trane furnaces. No matter how old the unit is, you are possible to find this figure. The ANSI rating is easy to read and understand without the need for you to decode the serial number.

Decoding the trane furnace serial number, however, may involve a bit of complex task. There are two serial number formats used in trane furnace:

Trane Furnace : 2002 and Newer Models

If the trane furnace was made between 2002 and the present day, you should find a 9-digit serial number that consists of letters and numbers. The first number is the year, and in 2010, the first two digits are the year.

Example: #7165RHAIG equals the 16th week of 2007.

Trane Furnace : 1983 to 2001

Does the serial number on your trane furnace start with a letter instead of a number? If the serial number starts with a letter, then that is the encoded year. A serial number that starts with a letter is a clear sign that your trane furnace age is at least nineteen years old.

Here is the encoded year:

W = 83, X = 84, Y = 85, S = 86, B = 87, C = 88, D = 89, E = 90, F = 91, G = 92, H = 93, J = 94, K = 95, L = 96, M = 97, N = 98, P = 99, R = 00, Z = 01.

Check the year of ANSI/ANS rating elsewhere on the data plate to confirm. The ANSI standard gets updated every several years, so the year of the ANSI should be the same or a just few years earlier that what the serial number says.

If you still unsure about your trane furnace age, Call the trane local dealer to get the age of the furnace. Even without a serial number, their reply may be able to look at a picture of the unit to give an idea of the period in which it was manufactured. Or, having a home inspector to look over the unit may be worth any fee charged to do so.

When your trane furnace age is about 15 years, it’s time to start searching for a replacement unit to help improve efficiency and avoid some of the frunace problems that may arise. Newer trane furnace models offer higher energy efficiency ratings and you’ll definitely benefit from the innovations in technology over the last years.

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