State Water Heater Serial Number Lookup

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State Water Heater Serial Number Lookup

It can be challenging to tell the age of State water heater by looking at the serial number. When your water heater breaks, it can be hard for many homeowners to determine if it is still under warranty. Decoding the serial number is the common way to determine how old a State water heater is.

How to use the serial number to figure out how old a State water heater is?

This post shows how to figure out how old a State brand water heater is. The first two numbers of a State water heater’s serial number are the year, and the last two are the week of the year.

On some State water heaters, the age is encoded in the first three digits of the serial number as MYYxxx, such as M09A00123 for a heater made in 2009. M is a one-letter code for the month, with A for January and M for December, and the next two numbers are the year.

Example of a State water heater serial number

Serial number #1525A00123
15 = 2015
25 = week 25
A00123 = sequential numbers

According to the State serial number above, the unit was manufactured in 2015.

Serial number #M09A00123
M = December
09 = 2009
A002243 = sequential numbers

According to the State serial number above, the unit was manufactured in December 2009.

About State water heater

State Water Heaters began making stoves in a Nashville, Tennessee, garage in 1946. This is how many successful businesses in the United States got started. The company’s founder saw that people needed water heaters, so in 1948, State made its first electric water heater. However, the business did not stop there. Its first line of gas water heaters came out in 1954. In 1956, they had a line of galvanized steel water heaters.

State Industries has made water heaters for many different brands over the years. Many haven’t been made for years, but there may still be a few old water heaters with these nameplates.

Here are some of them, and they all use the same State serial number code shown above:

  • Ace
  • Ambassador
  • Barnett
  • Century
  • Crosley
  • Energy Stretcher
  • Freedom
  • Hardware House
  • Kenmore (Sears)
  • Master Plumber
  • Mission
  • Nationaline
  • Patriot
  • Penfield
  • President
  • Regency
  • Reliance
  • The Plumbery
  • Thermo-King
  • TopLine

If you look closely at the bottom of the data plate, you can read the dateof manufacturer. This is important to look for because some retailers have changed manufacturers over the years.

State was acquired by A.O. Smith in 2001. So do not be surprised if you find similarities in serial number styles between these two brands of water heaters.

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