How Much Does It Cost to Replace an AC Fan Motor?

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Cost to Replace an AC Fan Motor

One of the most common AC problems is a broken fan motor since they are constantly working and exposed outside to the weather. If you identify that the condenser fan motor is the problem, you will most likely prefer to know how much the repair services and the ac fan motor cost.

There are so many different air conditioner ac fan motor parts. It can be difficult to know what will need to be replaced and how much it is going to cost to get the unit fixed. Some ac parts cost only $50 while others can be more than $2000.

Signs You May Need a New AC Fan Motor

An AC fan motor is an essential part of the condenser AC unit that highly affects the entire HVAC performance system. Without frequent maintenance, the fan motor may harm over the time. This could ending in poor airflow and completely embarrassing indoor environment.

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If your outdoor air conditioning unit is bringing in noises, the type of noise can help you identify what’s wrong. If the problem is a failing AC fan motor, you may discover one of the following sounds:

Rattling – A rattling sound could indicate that the fan motor or its components are loose or failing.

Screeching – A screeching sound generally means your fan motor’s bearings are failing. This is a much more urgent condition and should be resolved immediately.

Signs of a Bad Fan Motor

What signs to look out for that indicate a faulty AC fan motor? The most common signs that there’s an issue with the motor are:

  1. The fan motor won’t start although the AC is on
  2. The fan motor won’t stop, although you turn off the AC
  3. The fan motor turns on, but the fan blades are rotating very slow
  4. The fan runs intermittently
  5. There’s a rattling noise from the AC condenser

Causes of a Faulty Fan Motor

It is often hard to diagnose what causes an ac fan motor failure. This isn’t something you should attempt to do on your own. You will need to have an HVAC professionals to look into the system and diagnose the problem.

The common reasons a faulty AC condenser fan motor is dirt inside the condenser cabinet. Another causes are a failed capacitor or a voltage problem. Or, may be something else wrong with your HVAC system that need to look up, so it is always best to call professional for help.

Can I replace an AC fan motor myself?

It’s possible, but not recommended!

Replacing an AC fan motor involves dealing with high voltage electricity, and there is a risk for serious injury if not done safely and properly. Always contact an expert HVAC technician to repair or replace when it comes to an AC fan motor problems.

How Much Does an AC Fan Motor Cost?

When you have air conditioner fan motor not working, in most cases it will cost about $300 to $600 to replace. The labor costs is relatively high due to the risks involved.

A new AC fan motor prices between $60 and $150, while a start run capacitor and electrical relays are usually $20 to $30 each. The costs vary based on the brands, the unit’s model and voltage level. If you prefer a branded part, the price can shoot closer to $400.

It’s very important to get this fixed quickly, since without a working fan motor your air conditioner’s compressor could be yet another affected. AC Compressor repair is much more costly, almost always running closer to $2,000.

In some cases, your AC fan motor may be under warranty. It is important to know what kind of warranty you have on your AC unit. A parts warranty is likely to cover the costs for 5-10 years after AC installation.

Most parts warranties only cover the cost of the part, and they will not cover labor costs. Some parts warranties will also be invalid if you didn’t register the unit. Labor warranties are given by HVAC contractors to guarantee their work. Most of these warranties will last for a year or so after installation.

How to Prevent AC Fan Motor Breakdown

To prevent the condenser fan motor functioning well for an extended time, you will need to maintain with routine service. While AC service requires a small upfront cost, it will definitely help you save money on expensive repairs down the line while also extending the lifespan of your HVAC system.

Some AC fan motor need an annual lubrication to maintain the blades spinning. Call a professional to do this job to make sure that the proper type of oil is used to lubricate the fan motor.

Call HVAC repair service to come out for routine maintenance checks to ensure that your AC fan motor is in good shape. These AC maintenance checks are generally a minimal cost compared to a massive failure.

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