Effective Solution to the AC Sensor Problems

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Effective Solution to the AC Sensor Problems

The AC sensor is a component that controls the temperature in your house. What happens when your sensor becomes faulty? In this article, we’ll discuss the AC sensor problems and possible solutions to fix the issues. 

An air conditioner is a savior during hot and sultry days because it keeps one’s room cool and comfortable. These everyday household electronic appliances are the best solution to have to tackle the sweltering summer heat. While these machines can provide a massive relief from the heat, they can also malfunction at any time without prior warnings, thus leaving one in the lurch!

If you own an air conditioner, then it goes without saying that you should educate yourself about common air conditioner problems and the ideal solutions for them. This way, you will solve the problem the moment they pop up so that you don’t need to face discomfort because of an ill-functioning air conditioner.

One of the most common problems associated with air conditioners would be the sensor problem. A bad AC sensor will not accurately measure the temperature in your house.

Signs that your AC has a sensor problem are when it starts behaving abnormally. Your system will turn ON and OFF at random intervals. You need to check the control panel present behind the electronic machine to find the thermostat sensor in such a situation.

Causes of AC Sensor Problems

The AC sensor is located near the evaporating coil. This sensor is responsible for measuring the incoming air entering the AC’s evaporative coils. If this sensor is not placed in the proper position, the entire AC unit will behave unpredictably.

So what is the best position for the thermostat sensor? Well, it shouldn’t be in contact with the coil; instead, it should be located just near it.

In case you still have problems understanding whether or not the thermostat-sensor is placed correctly. You should contact an HVAC professional to have them look at the faulty or malfunctioning machine and the thermostat.

If you are confident about adjusting the position of the AC sensor yourself, then you should carefully bend the wire that holds the sensor in place and adjust its position to your liking. Once you prevent the sensor from touching the evaporative coils, it will no longer fail to function. Thus, the AC sensor mustn’t be displaced.

To keep your AC’s sensor in top condition and function optimally, hire a professional to have the sensor cleaned and appropriately calibrated.

Dust tends to accumulate at the AC sensor since it is situated at the back of the machine. You will realize that paying attention to the sensor and the AC unit as a whole and caring for it is essential to prevent the same from malfunctioning and leaving one in deep trouble.

The AC sensor repair and maintenance are required from time to time. Periodic checkup and cleaning of the sensor is a must if you want to prolong your AC’s lifespan and enable it to function optimally.

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