Determine U.S. Craftsmaster Water Heater Age by Serial Number

The age of a U.S. Craftsmaster water heater is written in the first four digits of its serial number. This article explains how to use a water heater’s serial number to figure out how old your unit is.

The newer U.S. Craftsmaster water heater models often list the date of manufacture clearly on the data tag. Unfortunately, older models can be tricky. You’ll need to decode the serial number to find out how old your water heater is.

Here are steps you can follow to determine the age of a U.S. Craftsmaster water heater: find the serial number and decode it.

The U.S. Craftsmaster serial number is usually on the sticker label, often found on the side of the tank or back of the water heater unit. For a U.S. Craftmaster water heater, the first two digits of the serial number show the year of the manufacturer. The second two digits represent the week.

How to read U.S. Craftsmaster serial number?

U.S. Craftsmaster water heater age is usually encoded in the first four digits of the water heater’s serial number, as in this example:

Serial number #9732012345
97 = 1997
32 = week 32
012345 = sequential number

The above U.S. Craftsmaster serial number shows that the water heater was manufactured in 1997.

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