Amana PTAC Tech Support

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Amana PTAC Tech Support

Amana PTAC Tech Support team is available for technical support, troubleshooting and assistance. Amana brand PTACs are designed to simplify with plain & simple product durability and advanced energy management features. Their tech support will help you overcome every problem you face with PTAC units.

PTAC stands for – packaged terminal air conditioner. PTACs are single, commercial grade, self-contained units installed through a wall. Amana PTAC are often for commercial use, but they are also suitable for residential.

PTAC units are beneficial because they can efficiently cool and heat a room from a single unit. They are generally more expensive than window air conditioners, but if you are planning to both cool and heat a room then you could save up to 20% a year on electricity.

FAQs in Amana PTAC Tech Support

Q: What information do I need to register my system?

A: Registration requires the following information:

  • Name, address, telephone number, and email
  • Installation date
  • Product model and serial numbers

Q: How can I purchase an extended warranty?

A: In order to purchase our extended Amana warranty, you will need to contact care dealer in your area.

Q: What is the proper size HVAC system for my home?

A: Amana PTAC Tech Support Division is not trained to provide technical information, sizing or recommendations on a replacement unit. There are many variables that are involved when sizing a unit for a home such as height of ceilings; age of home, insulation, direction home is facing, window (size and location) etc. A HVAC licensed contractor will need to perform a Load Calculation to determine the correct size.

Q: Can I get technical assistance to help me repair my PTAC system?

A: The Amana PTAC Tech Support team is not trained to provide technical information. For the information that you have requested, you will need to contact a licensed HVAC contractor. If the contractor needs assistance, they may contact us to speak with our technical division that is available to the HVAC licensed contractors. For dealers in your area you may visit our dealer locator.

Q: What can I do before calling someone to service my system?

A: HVAC systems are complicated networks of machinery that should be serviced by a certified professional. However, if your HVAC system seems to be malfunctioning, you can try a few basic steps, which may correct your problem, prior to calling a service professional. If you do not feel comfortable performing any of these tasks, however, do not hesitate to call an HVAC contractor.

  • Disconnect and reconnect your indoor and outdoor switches.
  • Make sure your circuit breakers are in the ON position.
  • Make sure your filters are clean.
  • Open supply and return vents and make sure they are unobstructed.
  • Check the settings on your thermostat.
  • Make sure the system switch is on the appropriate COOL or HEAT setting.

Amana PTAC Tech Support Phone Number

  • (877) 376-0214 inside U.S.A. and Canada
  • 1-931-433-6101 outside U.S.A. and Canada

Amana PTAC Tech Support Phone Number Website


If you are ever having trouble with an Amana PTAC, their Tech Support team will help to fix the problem.

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