Air Conditioner Parts and Functions

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Air Conditioner is a common thing present in almost all the places you can think of. Have you ever thought how it works and what are air conditioner parts and functions? Here let’s take a look at both so that you can understand the process behind all the cool air you get.

How does Air Conditioner work?

It is used to chill the indoor air. The process it uses is refrigeration. To simplify this it uses phase conversion law of physics where when liquid converts to gas it absorbs heat.

There are some chemical components that are forced to evaporate and condense again and again in the closed circuit of coils. These components are called refrigerants which have special property so that they can convert at very low temperature. It works on a continuous cycle which includes:

  • Liquid refrigerant is used
  • Gas or heat absorption by phase conversion
  • Then the air is compressed
  • Then the refrigerant is transitioned back to liquid form again

So there are two processes which utilises all air conditioner parts and functions that make air conditioner work and they are first refrigerant which is special component is used to chill the indoor air, which produces gas. Secondly this gas is compressed and chilled back so that it can convert to liquid form again.

Understanding of Conditioner Parts and Functions

The air conditioner parts and functions are as follows:

  • Blower: It helps in circulating the air through the supply registers. It helps in the flow of cool air at your place and also pulls the air from the room for re-cooling.
  • Evaporator coil: Refrigerant runs through these coils. It helps in pulling out the heat and moisture from the air.
  • Compressor: Refrigerant when has soaked up all the heat it comes in gaseous form, then it flows through the compressor where it is heated and pressurised many folds. This step is important refrigerant releases its heat only after this.
  • Condensing coil: These coils help in expelling the heat and humidity collected from the indoor to the outdoors. When refrigerant is back to its liquid state after being cooled, it goes back to the evaporator coil.
  • Fan: The fan and fin unit is used to cool the outdoor condensing unit by drawing the heat from it, so that overheating doesn’t happen. Outdoor Condensing unit becomes hot as refrigerant travels through it and is very hot.
  • Air filter: Though an air conditioner can work without this part, but it is suggested to improve the quality of air within the place. Its major use is to filter the air so that dirt, dust is not collected on the components of A/C and does not cause any damage.
  • Thermostat: This maintains the temperature within your room, it will guide the air conditioner to turn ON/Off.

These are the major air conditioner parts and functions of the same. If you now face any problem you will be able to judge where the problem lies.

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