Trane Air Conditioner Troubleshooting Guides

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Trane Air Conditioners Troubleshooting Guides

Trane Air Conditioner Troubleshooting – What can be handled at home and what not? Trane Air Conditioner if installed by a professional or company experts and that too perfectly can give you smooth and efficient result. It is hassle free and energy saving as well, but as with any electrical item there comes a time when your air conditioner would need fixing or troubleshooting.

At that time, before calling the professional first see that you check it thoroughly using the Trane air conditioner troubleshooting steps below.

How to do Trane Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

Trane air conditioner troubleshooting has two sides, one is simple that can be taken care at home and if the problem is huge then you may need to contact the professionals. Check the manual so that you better understand what you are going to do. Here let’s have a look at both one by one.

The simple troubleshooting tips which can be used at home and can rectify minor problems are:

Check The Thermostat

Thermostat control is a major player, though you may say that it is set right, do check it before calling professionals, it could be wrongly set due to which unit is not working properly.

Check the Airflow

If there is no Airflow, first check the filter whether they are clogged. Clean the air filter regularly it as instructed in the manual.

When you are checking for clogged filter, inspect the coil as well. See that it shouldn’t be dirty or frozen. If there is water underneath unit or the coil is cold from outside then shut the unit for some time so that it can defrost, but do call the technician to do a check-up in this case.

Check the Circuit Breaker

There could be a trip in the circuit breaker. A usual problem seen in older homes as the wiring doesn’t support the new equipment and cause overload. If the unit has stopped completely think whether the breaker is connected to equipment directly or it goes back to main breaker box of the house.

  1. Whether tripped circuit is happening in whole house or just with the equipment?
  2. Was there any storm that caused the failure in circuit recently?

These questions will help you in troubleshooting the unit and will let you know what is amiss in the system. Though before you reset the AC through circuit breakers, inspect for any damage that may have happened because of winds or some natural causes. Rectify them before resetting.

When to Call Technician

Problems which will require professionals or technician help for Trane air conditioner troubleshooting are:

  • When your Outdoor unit doesn’t function right but indoor unit is working fine.
  • If you see the unit is using electricity to extreme level.
  • When there is too much of system cycling happening.
  • Your system requires professional help if thermostat is not functioning properly and can’t be set.
  • Unit is continuously running.
  • Drip Pan is spilling over.

Some of these Trane air conditioner troubleshooting can be rectified at home but some requires professionals to correct it, depending on the nature of problem that has occurred you can troubleshoot your air conditioner. These steps can help you save lot of your efforts, time and money.

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