AC Evaporator Coil Replacement Cost

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Ac Evaporator Coil Replacement Cost

A number of issues can cause your air conditioner to act up, some of which relate directly to problems with the evaporator coil. In this article, we explain the AC evaporator coil replacement cost, as well as signs you should repair or replace your evaporator coil.

Your air conditioning system works hard to keep you cool even on the hottest days of the year. While air conditioners are largely reliable, they are not without potential problems. When your air conditioner fails to cool your home properly, the evaporator coil may be to blame.

You might be wondering what an AC evaporator coil is and what it does.

The evaporator coil is also called the indoor coil. This is an important component of any AC system and is located indoors beside the air handler.

Technically, your AC works by removing hot air from inside of your home and blowing it outside. As the refrigerant moves through these tubes, hot air is drawn in and cool air results. This hot air is transferred through the evaporator coils. Coolant, or refrigerant, flows through the closed-loop in order to absorb heat from the indoor air.

The process of turning a liquid into a gas includes some rough forces, such as hurricane winds. Over time this can create issues with the evaporator coil.

When the evaporator coil is broken, you might be wondering whether to repair or replace it. If the part cannot be completely repaired, then it must be replaced.

How Much Does an Evaporator Coil Replacement Cost?

An evaporator coil replacement is not a DIY task and should be done by a professional HVAC technician. The process needs a refrigerant recharge, and particular supplies are needed to complete the coil replacement.

The average cost to replace the AC evaporator coil is $400 to $1,000 if the unit is under warranty or $750 to $2,500 if the unit is out of warranty. The cost depends on your unit size, AC brand, and cooling coil type. And the labor cost to replace an AC evaporator coil depends on location or where you live.

Evaporator Coil Price by Size

Evaporator Coil SizeCoil Price
1.5 Ton Evaporator Coil$200 – $350
2 Ton Evaporator Coil$225 – $375
2.5 Ton Evaporator Coil$250 – $425
3 Ton Evaporator Coil$300- $450
3.5 Ton Evaporator Coil$350 – $475
4 Ton Evaporator Coil$350 – $550
5 Ton Evaporator Coil$425 – $650

Signs Of Evaporator Coil Problems

Since a number of issues can plague your air-conditioning unit, it can be difficult to determine where the issue is sparking. Some signs your evaporator coil might be to blame include:

  • Only warm air is blowing out through your air vents
  • Air conditioner continually shuts on and off without doing much in terms of cooling.
  • You notice strange sounds such as a banging or hissing
  • There are leaks near the indoor unit
  • The air conditioner will not turn on at all

Of course, these issues can be signs of other air conditioner problems as well. Hiring a professional to diagnose the problem is the best way to identify a reasonable solution.

One Of The Biggest Problems With Evaporator Coils = Leaks

Some estimates suggest that about 70% of Freon leaks are directly related to faulty evaporator coils in need of replacement. One of the most common problems that impact evaporator coils has to do with tiny little leaks that form in the coil over time.

The tiny little holes formed by a combination of acid and moisture are hard to detect at first but grow more severe with time. Eventually, the actual coolant will start to leak out through these holes. This is when bigger problems become noticeable, including dangers to the environment and your health.

If there are holes in your copper coil, evaporator coil replacement is necessary as soon as possible. When you change out your indoor coil, you should also replace your outdoor compressor coil since both need to be compatible with the latest type of refrigerant.

You can help prevent coil leaks by:

  • Not using volatile organic compounds (VOCs) throughout your home.
  • Keep your house well ventilated with fresh air, especially if you do use VOCs.
  • Use a dehumidifier to reduce the amount of moisture in your home.
  • Reduce the chance for acid build-up by keeping the coils up to date on maintenance and cleaning.

Replace Vs. Repair Evaporator Coils

There are a few things to consider when deciding if you should replace or repair your evaporator coils, such as the age and current efficiency of your AC, as well as the actual problem. In some cases, the issue may only need repairs, but in other cases, a new part or a new unit is necessary to properly address and solve the issue.

You likely want to consider repairing your evaporator coil if:

  • The evaporator coils are fairly new and still covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • The unit still runs efficiently and meets recommended energy standards.
  • The issue is small, and there are no other problems associated with your air conditioning system.

You likely want to consider replacing your evaporator coil if:

  • The cost to repair is more than 1/3-1/2 the cost of replacing
  • The unit is more than 10 years old
  • If the unit’s overall SEER rating is a 12 or lower
  • If the unit still operates on the old R-22 Freon.
  • If other problems accompany issues with the coils

Replacing your evaporator coil can range in cost depending on a number of factors, including how much Freon has been lost and needs to be replaced. Also, if you need to replace both the indoor and outdoor coil, this is another cost to factor in.

Getting more than one estimate on AC evaporator coil replacement costs can help you locate the best deal for your money. With a new and improved evaporator coil, you can expect more efficient performance from your air conditioning system, along with a decrease in your electric bill.

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