Trane XL80 Discussion – Basic Troubleshooting

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Trane XL80 Discussion - Basic Troubleshooting

Trane XL80 furnace have the ability to last anywhere from 13 to 20 years. This is top quality frunace, but there can still have conditions for equipment problems. The most common problems in Trane XL80 gas furnace will be discuss here, along with the error codes, troubleshooting guide and how to solve that problems.

There is a list of expected problems with Trane XL80 furnace you should learn and prepare yourself for in the future. In some cases your furnace will encounter problems that will need repairing and replacing particular parts.

Trane is recognized for its high performance furnace that gives home owners useful diagnosing checks with its flashing light system. The Trane XL80 error codes show in green or red flashing light that should be carefully analyzed.

Trane XL80 Furnace Troubleshooting Guide

Here are some guidance for Trane furnace troubleshooting that you should consider.

Trane XL80 Error Codes

The Trane XL80 uses a light flashing error codes to tell home owners when there are specific problems in the furnace. The light will flash for the sequence, on and off. You should count how many time the light flashes and troubleshoot the problems.

The possible causes for the flashing light error codes:

  • 2 Flashes
    • External lockout
  • 3 Flashes
    • Pressure switch error
  • 4 flashes
    • Open limit device
  • 5 flashes
    • Flame sense when no flame should be present
  • 6 flashes
    • Poor grounding
  • 7 flashes
    • Gas valve circuit error
  • 8 flashes
    • Low flame signal
  • 9 flashes
    • Check igniter

Slowly flashing explains your furnace is on but doesn’t need heat. Fast flashing indicate there is heat throughout your home. A continuous light means the IFC circuit board needs replacing. A continuous off means the furnace is either off or not receiving any electrical power.

Trane XL80 – Most Common Problems

Most common problem with Trane xl80 furnace is a failure to operate. This will happen where your thermostat says the heatingis ON, but the heat is not running. You can troubleshoot this issue by opening and closing the blower door until the small flashing light comes back on to indicate the connection is fully sealed. This is a common problem you may encounter with your Trane gas furnace.

Another problem you will face with your Trane XL80 furnace is losing power to thermostat. This problem happens when your thermostat display screen is blank or lacking power. When this happens, you should check out your circuit breaker.

When the air flow from the furnace so low. This happens by dust and dirt that build up on the filter screen. To solve this Trane XL80 problem, try changing the air filters. There could also cause by blockage in your air ducts. If this is the case, you’ll need to call local HVAC technician to inspect the ductwork.

When the heat goes out. This may occur mainly because your gas valve is turned off. If the gas valve is not on, the furnace will not produce heat. Or, when the furnace igniter fails to light the burner inside your furnace it also will not produce heat. You can solve this Trane furnace problems by replacing the burner inside the furnace.

Trane XL80 gas furnace is high-quality HVAC systems that will function well with regular maintenance. If you are still unsure in how to troubleshooting your furnace, you should schedule an appointment with HVAC professional to help you identify what the problem is. The problem might be a minor or big that need to replacement.

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