Trane XL15i Fan Motor Replacement Guide

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The fan motor is one of the hardest working parts on your Trane XL15i Air Conditioner, it is need to frequent repairs or replacement. Once the fan motor breaks down, the AC will stop blowing cold air and that’s something you don’t want on a hot summer’s day. Here are everything you need to know about Trane XL15i Air Conditioner fan motor replacement, what signs to check for faulty and how to avoid it from going weak weak earlier than it should.

When you start having problems with Trane XL15i, sometimes it will be confusing to determine whether the problem is the fan motor or the capacitor. As the capacitor is the component that delivers the energy for the fan motor to run.

Sign of bad Trane XL15i fan motor

  • The fan motor won’t start even though the AC is on
  • The fan motor won’t stop, even when you shut the AC off
  • The fan motor turns on, yet the blades are rotating very slowly
  • There’s a rattling noise coming from the condenser unit when the fan is turned on

How to Replace Trane XL15i Fan Motor

Begin by verifying the problem was in certainty a motor in need replacement. To do this, turning off the power to the Trane XL15i AC unit. Then manually try spinning the fan blade. If the blade does not move freely, the motor is for sure in need of replacement.

Once you’re determine that trane XL15i fan motor needs replacement, no we are ready to install a new fan motor. Start by shutting down all electrical supply to the Trane AC unit through the circuit breaker. It’s very crucial that you do not skip this procedure.

The fan motor can now be dismantled. Remove all bolts on the band that secures the fan motor. These bolts are actually attached directly to the motor. Now remove the fan blade. Before completing this task, remember of the blade’s position on the shaft. Loosen all the screws, and remove the blade from the motor shaft by twisting and tugging.

Once the old fan motor is out, replace with the new one. Reverse the Trane Xl15i fan motor replacement steps mentioned above. Make sure the fan blade is centered in the fan motor’s.

Now that you have your new XL15i fan motor installed, don’t forget to regularly clean your AC condenser. Having a dirty AC condenser can overload the fan motor and make it more likely to fail prematurely. This easy maintenance task improves the life expectancy of the Trane Air Conditioner and can prevent more serious problems. Also this AC regular maintenance is pretty simply to do yourself.

Trane XL15i fan motor replacement is not exactly a DIY project unless you’ve got the knowledge and experience to do it. Please do not attempt to perform this task unless you are a qualified and have every proper and safety tools. If in doubt, please contact a reputable local HVAC technician to solve the air conditioner fan motor problems.

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