Trane XB1000 Air Conditioner Parts Manual and Repair Guide

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Trane XB1000 Air Conditioner Parts Manual and Repair Guide – The potential troubles might happen to your Air Conditioner caused by mechanical defects or incorrect operations, you should adopt some preventative measures by collecting some useful information about troubleshooting and repair before replacement. Here we present you some manual information you will find come in handy if any problems appear with your Trane XB1000 Air Conditioner.

Trane XB1000 Air Conditioner Parts List and Manual

  • Electric Heat Kit w/ Circuit Breaker (4.75 kW) $52.95 / each
  • Trane 2.5 Ton 13 SEER Central Air Conditioner – R22 Refrigerant $939.95 / each
  • Trane 3 Ton, Cased Evaporator Coil (W 14 x D 21 x H 26) $348.95 / each
  • Trane 2 Ton, Cased Evaporator Coil (W 17 1/2 x D 21 x H 22) $264.95 / each

Trane XB1000 Air Conditioner Replacement

If you want to replace the Trane XB1000 air conditioner with some new style air conditioner, I will recommend you the York 16 SEER Affinity Series CZF Air Conditioner which offers up to 16SEER and is qualified for the Energy Star and Federal Tax Credit, so you can save the energy cost and your budget if you purchase this model.

This model utilizes the QuietDrive System to offer a quiet operation so you will be free from the annoying noise whenever you use it. In fact, this model is equipped with an advanced compressor, which not only offers you high efficiency but also bring you long-lasting durability.

So if you want to desert the old model, this high quality air conditioner can be a good replacement.

Trane XB1000 Air Conditioner Troubleshooting and Repair

If your Trane XB1000 Air Conditioner is out of function, you can try the measure of troubleshooting and repair listed here below:

If your Trane XB1000 Air Conditioner offers no heating, you can first check if your gas is turned off by checking shutoff valves at your gas company meter, at your furnaces or at any other parts set with shutoff valves and then turn on the accordingly gas valve or contact your local Trane dealer to handle the problem.

If your Trane XB1000 Air Conditioner is cut off with airflow, you should check if it is caused by your dirty filters in the components of your Air Conditioner system, then you can choose to clean the filters or replace them with the state-of-the-art parts you can find with Trane local dealers.

Sometimes repairing you own Trane XB1000 Air Conditioner is hard for beginners, If you don’t have a good knowledge of Trane XB1000 structure. I strongly recommend you to find a local qualified contractor to help you. Repairing by yourself sometimes is more costly than finding professionals.

Common Trane XB1000 Repairs and Parts Cost

Trane have about the same type and incidence of mechanical troubleshooting as most brands. These are common Trane xb1000 troubleshooting not listed in the guide and their repair cost for parts and labor:

  • Leaking coil and refrigerant: $1,150-$1,750
  • Thermostatic expansion valve (TXV): $275-$450
  • Compressor and refrigerant (after ten years, typically): $1,150-$1,600
  • Failed solder connection on refrigerant lines and refrigerant: $875-$1,220
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