Trane 4TTA7060A3000A Split System Air Conditioner

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Trane 4TTA7060A3000A Split System Air Conditioner

The Trane 4TTA7060A3000A split system air conditioner is a high-performance cooling system designed for residential and commercial applications. In this article, we will provide an overview of the features and specifications of this unit.

Features & Specifications

The Trane 4TTA7060A3000A boasts several features that set it apart from other air conditioners on the market. These include a two-stage cooling system that allows for more precise temperature control, a durable compressor for reliable performance, and a Spine Fin coil that resists corrosion and promotes efficient heat transfer.

The factory-charged outdoor condensing units come with the necessary system charge for the unit, a ten-foot tested connecting line, and the smallest compatible indoor evaporative coil. These units are designed to function in outdoor ambient temperatures as high as 115°F and are paired with a broad selection of AHRI-certified air handlers and furnace coils to match cooling capacities. They are also UL 1995 certified and designed for outdoor use.

The heavy-gauge galvanized steel casing of the unit is painted with a weather-resistant powder paint finish, with prepainted corner panels, and all panels undergo a 1,000-hour salt spray test.

The refrigeration system controls include a condenser fan, compressor contactor, and low and high-pressure switches, with a factory-supplied and field-installed liquid line drier.

The compressor features internal over-temperature and pressure protection and a centrifugal oil pump and produces low vibration and noise.

The outdoor coil provides efficient heat transfer with low airflow resistance and is protected by louvered panels on all four sides.

The system has a cooling capacity of 55°F as manufactured, but the addition of an evaporator defrost control permits operation to 40°F, and with a defrost control with TXV, low ambient cooling can be achieved at 30°F.

CategorySplit System
Model code4TTA7048A3000A
Refrigerant Lines – Liquid/Suction3/8 / 7/8 inches
Electrical230/3/60 V/phase/Hz
Refrigerant TypeR-410a
Weight248 lbs
DimensionsHeight: 51 inches
Width: 39 inches
Depth: 35 inches

Warranty and Support

Trane provides a comprehensive warranty for the 4TTA7060A3000A, which covers the compressor and other parts for up to 10 years. In addition, Trane offers technical assistance, online manuals, and access to local service providers to help customers with any issues that may arise.

Choosing a reputable and experienced HVAC contractor to install and maintain your Trane air conditioner can also provide added peace of mind and ensure optimal performance over the unit’s lifespan.


The Trane 4TTA7060A3000A is a reliable and energy-efficient option for residential and commercial cooling needs. Proper installation and maintenance are critical to ensuring the unit performs optimally, and Trane provides a comprehensive warranty and support system for its customers. Consider the Trane 4TTA7060A3000A as a reliable and efficient option for your cooling needs, and contact a local Trane dealer for more information or to schedule an installation.

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