Top 5 Budget Heaters for Student Dormitories

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Top 5 Budget Heaters for Student Dormitories

What are the best budget-friendly heaters for student dormitories? Discover the list of top heaters for your dorm room and more in this post.

Most dorm rooms are very chilly during the cold seasons. The good news is that you can buy many cheap and effective heaters for your dormitory to boost your comfort. In this post, I will writepaper tips on finding the best heater for a reasonable price.

How to Choose A New and Effective Heater

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Meanwhile, here is a list of important aspects you need to take into account when choosing a new heater:

  1. Do you want to keep your dorm room warm the whole day?
  2. Are you looking for something that can warm the entire room or only keep you warm when sitting at your desk?
  3. What is your maximum budget for a new heater?
  4. Do you want any advanced features, or a basic model will be enough to cover your needs?
  5. What type of heater are you thinking about?


Nothing should be more important in mind than safety when buying any space heater for a dorm room.

It should automatically turn off on getting knocked down accidentally.

It should be safe for your pets and children.

The model should be stable and sturdy. You also need to check if it comes with a thermostat that switches it off after the desired temperature is reached.


Of course, any household equipment should be reliable. Of the many ways to assess the product’s reliability, perhaps the easiest one is the reputation of the manufacturer concerned about its brand.

You should also enquire if the manufacturer offers replacement of components in case anything goes wrong during the warranty period. Does it offer easy installation after you have removed it from its packaging?


How easy is it to operate the equipment? Does it come with a user manual? The operation should be easy, and the operating instruction contained in its manual should be in easy-to-understand language.


That’s one factor you just can’t afford to overlook. It’s good to be spending a little extra for a better product that is safer to use and comes with features that make it more reliable, adding to its life.


Other important features you should look for include: its consumption of electricity, provision of a thermostat, and a base that remains stable even when its fan is switched on to work at any of the specified speeds.

Types of Heaters

The next step is to choose a type of heater for your room. Here is a list of the most popular alternatives you might focus on:

  • Fan heaters. These appliances can warm up a small room very quickly. Their only disadvantage is being too noisy. They might not be good for keeping a dorm room warm for a long period. Fan heaters can also be found on many shopping websites in the ceramic heaters category.
  • Radiators. These are heaters based on oil or another substance placed inside an appliance. They are designed to maintain a higher temperature in your room for quite a long time. You can use this heater as a background warmer.
  • Convector. These appliances drive your dorm room’s air through the heating element, making it warmer. They are usually less noisy than fan heaters. However, get ready to wait longer to warm up your room.
  • Halogen. These heaters can warm up one or two students sitting in one place. However, these are not the best options for keeping the room warm.

Top Heaters For Student Dorm Rooms

If you don’t want to spend hours choosing a new heater, and comparing the features of the most popular models, here is a list of the most effective and budget-friendly heaters for dorm rooms.

Vornado VH202 Personal Space Heater

Vornado VH202 Personal Space Heater

This handy appliance will cost you only about $39. Another benefit is its size – it is as big as a common pineapple. Vornado can quickly heat up space around you. Moreover, it has quiet performance and an easy-to-use interface. This heater will warm you up during long winter nights and make you feel much more comfortable.

De’Longhi Capsule HFX30C18

De'Longhi Capsule HFX30C18

De’Longhi Capsule HFX30C18 will likely fit all your needs if you are looking for a cheap but powerful ceramic heater. Its weight is only about 1.4 kg, so you can easily move it around your dorm room and feel warmer when doing homework or relaxing on a sofa. It has two power settings and additional cooling functions (great to use during hot summer days!)

Russell Hobbs RHCVH4002

Russell Hobbs RHCVH4002

Searching for budget-friendly convection heaters? This heater has remained one of the most popular options for several years. Having a flawless design, this heater will make you feel warmer in a matter of minutes. It is fast, easy to use, and handy. Three power settings will help you adjust an appliance according to your requirements.

GiveBest Portable Electric Space

GiveBest Portable Electric Space

This convenient electric space heater has fantastic ratings on Amazon because of its budget-friendly price and excellent performance. There are two heating levels (750 and 1,500 watts) and an easily adjustable thermostat. It is a miniature but powerful device to warm up small student dorm rooms.

Honeywell 360-Degree Surround

Honeywell 360-Degree Surround

This heater has a feature no other appliance on our list has. It can shoot warm from various angles! Traditionally, it has a thermostat and heat settings for your convenience. The device has to overheat protection and some other additional functionality. The heater will cost you about $45-$65.

How Much Heat Do I Need?

When heating a dorm room, I like to oversize the heater more than I would any other room because you want to get the room up to 75-80 + degrees and do it fairly quickly.

The standard sizing rule of thumb is:
10 watts per sq ft example: if your room is 10 x 10, take 10′x 10′= 100 Sq Ft) 100 sq X 10 watts = 1000 Watts.

With a student dormitory heater, I like to substitute 10 watts Per Sq with 12-15 watts per sq ft.


There are many other popular models of heaters that might perfectly warm up small rooms like your dormitory. Feel free to explore the other options and compare the functionality and the prices to make a great purchase.

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