Signs You Need to Clean Your HVAC System

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Cleaning an HVAC can be a thing many people put off but that is a bad idea for many reasons. Aside from health problems and hygiene issues that might occur, it can cause damage to the system. It’s important to clean your HVAC because repairs can be expensive, as anyone who has seen the cost of installing central heat systems recently can attest to.

So, here are some signs that you absolutely need to service your home air filtration, heating, and cooling.

Sudden Increases in Bills

If you’ve been looking at your bills and wondering why they look so high despite little change in your contract or the market, you might want to look at your vents. As an HVAC that needs cleaning operates, it will strain to do its job. This will mean a loss in efficiency and an increase in your expenses.

This can be attributed to blockages. Dirt and dust accumulation are the most common culprits. Another possibility is that your ducts are leaking and the air is seeping out, meaning your HVAC now has to make up for these losses by working harder and consuming more energy. In such cases, you could clean your ducts manually or hire a company and you’ll see your bills decrease.

If your ducts are looking dusty from the outside, that means they definitely are dustier and dirtier from the inside. However, external signs are not the only ones, so you may want to inspect a little bit from the inside.

You’ve Had to Change You Filters Too Often

If you’ve been replacing your filters multiple times and the same problems keep cropping up, there’s a chance that there’s a cleaning issue. Periodical filter changes are necessary but the need for changes can be a symptom of a deeper underlying issue. You should definitely change your filters as they can trap dust, debris, pet fur, pollen, and other airborne contaminants over time.

HVAC technician replacing air filter

You should turn your HVAC unit off and inspect the filter spaces and ventilation points.

Also, if your home or office keeps getting dustier quicker and quicker, the issue might be in your HVAC. The excess dust is exiting and going everywhere else so its time to inspect the inside

Issues With Airflow After Building Renovation

While many assume renovating their building or home will mean a fresh start, the process itself can leave some lasting effects on your HVAC. As mentioned above, dust and debris are major causes of blockage and renovations cause a lot of them to disperse all over the place. That’s not even mentioning the amount of other chemicals and paint chips that come with the entire prospect of fixing up a home or office.

While it can be good to do the cleaning yourself, it can be dangerous. Unlike standard chemicals and other particles, the ones used for renovation can be hazardous to your health. It may be best to leave it to a professional rather than doing it yourself if you don’t have adequate protective gear.

Unpleasant Odors

This one is rather self-explanatory. Since the HVAC is the lungs and respiratory system of buildings, any smells it’s giving out mean that something has gone wrong. If a smell has been pervasive throughout your home or office, this may be a duct issue. If it doesn’t smell hazardous, you should do a sniff test near the vents or any air entry points.

The worst-case scenario is that there is an animal or insect infestation in your air ducts. These can cause all sorts of diseases. This will also cause strange noises to occur inside your ducts and ventilation.

Mold, Mildew, or Allergens Are Festering

These can cause serious respiratory problems and illness so they should not be ignored. If left unattended they spread very quickly and become an ever-present problem. Mold and mildew can require some serious chemicals and a serious infestation will mean that you need to spray it heavily.

This can be an urgent issue in the workplace as it may cause diseases and allergic reactions. Aside from that, they also bring in other forms of infestation.

How to Do a Basic Check on Your HVAC

  • First, open one of your vent covers and peek into it. You should be looking for many of the signs listed above, but most prominently you will find dust and debris.
  • Check the return air registers for buildups of dust, particles, fur, and other such contaminants. Be on the lookout for thick, fuzzy coatings of dust.
  • Examine the air filter by pulling it out. If it is clogged, airflow will be minimised. Keep it in a clean, manageable state.
  • The furnace compartment is another place you need to keep an eye on. The blower fan and motor could be caked in dust.
  • Examine the air conditioning coil. If it’s sticking to the outside walls you may be having operational issues.

Keep in mind that these are the basics and not a comprehensive list of things you can look out for. In the end, if you suspect an HVAC issue, it’s best to call in a professional for an examination of your system. Better safe than sorry.

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