Rheem HVAC Warranty Lookup

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Rheem HVAC Warranty Lookup

All Rheem HVAC units are equipped with a Certificate of Limited Warranty that references the product warranty information. Rheem is one of the largest HVAC manufacturer in North America. The company was founded in 1925 in Emeryville, CA, and has won awards for cutting-edge innovations and new product designs. Rheem’s warranty range from 10 years limited parts to limited lifetime unit replacement warranty.

Rheem® HVAC products was built to last, but even the best products may issues in the manufacturing process. They back their products with some of the best warranties in the HVAC industry. To be eligible for the maximum warranty, you need to register your units. Rheem warranty lookup is also easy so you can access any additional warranty information and learn about more warranty options.

Rheem Warranty Registration

Registering your Rheem products allows you to access included warranty benefits, opt to extend warranty coverage and take advantage of other valuable Rheem support services. You need the model and serial number, then select preferred option to begin the registration process.

Rheem Warranty Lookup

If you’ve already registered your Rheem product and would like to verify your warranty terms and coverage, click the applicable product category to the right to get started. Your serial number is required for verification.

Rheem line of heating and cooling has three different series: Classic, Classic Plus, & Prestige. Different series and models come with varying levels of warranty coverage. Here’s Rheem warranty information you can expect which include: Furnace, Air Conditioner and Heat Pump units.

Rheem Furnace Warranty

Rheem’s gas furnace models come with a limited 10-year parts warranty as well as a limited lifetime heat exchanger warranty. Some models are also eligible for a lifetime conditional unit replacement warranty.

Rheem Air Conditioner and Heat Pump Warranty

Rheem’s Air Conditioner and Heat Pump units come with a limited 10-year Conditional Parts warranty and 10-years Conditional Unit Replacement.

Labor Warranty

Rheem Limited Warranty does not cover a ny labor costs or expenses for service, nor for removing or reinstalling parts. Home owners responsible for all labor costs or expenses, unless a service labor agreement exists between consumer and HVAC contractor. If you are a homeowner that would like to have labor warranty for your Rheem products, ask your contractor to get labor coverage.

Rheem HVAC units are considered as high-quality products that are ideal for residential use. Rheem already has an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and has a good reputation in the HVAC industry. The company has a mix of positive and negative customer reviews in warranty registration and lookup. The Consumer Affairs shows the average 4.3 star rating reviews.

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