Payne Air Conditioner Reset Button

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Payne Air Conditioner Reset Button

Does a Payne ac unit have a reset button? As a rule of thumb, there is no reset button in the Payne air conditioner.

How do I reset my Payne AC? Keep reading to learn the simple steps for how to reset the Payne AC unit.

Why would you want to reset your Payne air conditioner? There are a few reasons, but a tripped breaker is the main one.

An air conditioner has its own circuit breaker, just like most other electrical appliances. This is a safety switch that protects your unit by turning it off right away if it detects an overload.

When the power comes back on after an outage, the sudden change in voltage can cause your unit’s circuit to overload. At this point, a circuit breaker starts to perform. Your Payne air conditioner unit may not work as well after a breaker has been tripped, though. If you have it set to cool but all you feel is warm air, sometimes all you need to do is quickly reset your Payne air conditioner.

There you have it. Some problems in the Payne AC unit can be fixed (sometimes) with a quick reset. Whether the whole unit is broken or just a minor problem, turning it on and off is a simple way to fix it.

How to Reset Payne Air Conditioner

So, let’s go over the easy steps you can take to reset your Payne air conditioning unit.

1. Turn OFF your AC Unit

Use the thermostat to turn off your Payne air conditioner. You don’t want it to call your air conditioner until you’re done setting it back up.

2. Look for the Circuit Breaker

The next step is to find where your air conditioner’s circuit breaker box is. Usually, this box is in the basement, a closet, a crawl space, or on the side of the house. Once you’ve found it, turn off the switch that controls your air conditioner.

3. Wait

Wait one full minute after turning off the AC unit’s circuit breaker. Set a timer for 60 seconds, and then turn the power back ON to the air conditioner. As a safety measure, you might want to tell everyone in your home that you are going to be resetting the circuit breakers.

4. Turn ON your AC Unit

Once the 60 seconds are up and you’ve turned ON the switch, wait another 60 seconds. This lets the unit turn itself back on by itself. After one minute, go to your thermostat and turn on the air conditioner again. Set your thermostat back to “cool,” and make sure it is set at least five degrees below the room’s current temperature so you can really tell if everything is working right.

If you have reset your Payne AC unit and it still doesn’t work or if you notice that the circuit breaker keeps tripping, don’t try to reset it again and again. It might be time to call in a professional HVAC technician to find out what’s going on.

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