Is It Safe To Have Ac On During Storm

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Is It Safe To Have Ac On During Storm?

With the summer fun and exciting beach vacations comes another part of summer that is not so fun, the afternoon thunderstorms. The air is quite humid and hot, and these two components can make a dangerous lightning storm in no time. While it’s typically safe to run your air conditioner during a thunderstorm, there are some things you may want to take into consideration.

Should You Turn Off Air Conditioner During Storm?

It’s the common question asked about the air conditioning system. Can you run ac during a thunderstorm? Well, the answer is you can, but you may not want to.

There are some dangers you need to take into account when your thunderstorms approach. The lightning that always accompanies those storms can wreak havoc on your system.

Can Lightning Strike An Air Conditioner?

While the air does get quite muggy before the storm, it usually drops back down once the storm hits. If lightning hits your AC unit, it could cause some issues, such as melting plugs. While the outdoor unit is somewhat protected and won’t catch on fire, it can cause some problems with other areas of the electrical system.

How Do I Protect My AC System During Storm?

The best way to protect your air conditioners is to turn it off when you know the storm is approaching. This prevents the draw of lightning to the electrical panel in use.

Turning off the air conditioner during a storm also helps to protect your unit if your home is struck. While you might think a surge protector would work as it does with other appliances, that is not the case with your AC unit. It can’t help and will not provide that level of protection you need.

What About Just Rain?

Is it safe to run an air conditioner in the rain? While it’s raining outside, it is perfectly fine to run your air conditioning system. You do not risk an electrical problem or the unit being damaged with just a drizzle or rain.

Rain does not affect your air conditioner, and you can easily stay comfortable inside at all times this way. You can rest assured that a little rain won’t hurt your system.

Protecting your air conditioner during a thunderstorm is important not to replace your unit earlier than you thought. By turning the system off when the storm is approaching, you’ll protect your AC from costly damage that can take place.

Remember, if there’s thunder around you, there’s lightning too. Lightning can strike up to fifteen miles ahead of the actual storm, so always be cautious and aware. In addition, the summer storms can sneak up, so be prepared and keep an eye on the skies when you’re out enjoying the summer weather.

Stay cool and confident this summer by protecting your AC unit from the storms that can wreak havoc on your home. Keep in mind that a simple surge protector is not enough when it comes to your cooling system. You should highly consider shutting it down for the little time it takes for the storm to pass.

The answer for; is it safe to have ac on during a storm is YES. You’ll be glad you did when you avoid costly repairs and or damage to your home when it strikes. Protect your air conditioning system this summer by watching out for those dangerous storms and taking preventive measures before they hit.

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